Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So I just received edits for my next Lottery Wife book, Discovering Daisy. It is always so exciting to get the edits and realize that you are that much closer to the final book that readers will get. Some writers I'm told just hit a button and accept every edit. I am one of those crazy people that has to go through and see every edit and understand why it is requested. LOL
But I am happy to announce the release days for the next Debtor's Daughter book, Being Prudence and the next Lottery Wife book, Discovering Daisy.
Discovering Daisy is slated for release on June 14th and Being Prudence is slated for July 12. Yeah! I'm announcing it here first but will update my website soon. I'm also working on a new series for Total E Bound and will let you know all the details once my editor and I have them worked out.
I'm hoping to finish the next Marquetti book soon as well. The Marquetti books are my quickies with EC. You met Angelo in Merciful Angel and then his baby sister Bella in Seducing Sampson. Now meet big brother and the rest of the clan! I'll post here as soon as I can! And yes..yes...yes...! I am working on finishing up the next Bare Love book which will be Shep's story. I promise to get to Griff's soon but be patient with me and let me get the rest of the groundwork done! LOL But soon! I promise.

Thanks for READING!

Lacey Thorn
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