Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey, baby, swallow. It'll make you live longer.

Yep you heard me right. That could be the newest pick up line for men who have read the February 22 copy of Time Magazine titled The Science of Living Longer. The article on page 52 is under the heading of Innovation and is titled "Slowing Aging...With Semen". And believe me it is interesting. An Austiran research group has been looking into this and believe that a substance in semen canhave a dramatic impact on life span. No laughing matter how hard you want to. The substance, spermidine, increased the life span of fruit flies by as much as 30% and worms by as much as 15%. Supposedly it promotes the cellular process of autophagy, a form of self cleaning that removes defective or damaged cells.
What a concept? Who knew? All I can say ladies is open wide....and swallow!

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Lacey Thorn
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  1. Hopefully they're right and not just to make men happy..LOL

  2. Very interesting stuff! Must read this article. HA. If the news spreads about this, men everywhere will be verrrry happy to contribute to the health of their ladies.

  3. LOL Oh yeah. Men will love this one. Can you imagine applying for the funding of this? I wonder how many people volunteered? LOL