Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So it is February, the month of love and romance. So I thought I would stick with a similar theme. LOL So this month is all about dating...the good, the bad and the just plain laughable. Feel free to share your stories as well! I'd love to hear who has been there with me.
So...I went out with a guy who seemed great. Tall, dark and handsome as well as a working professional. Sounds great, right? And even better for me, he had a BRAIN!!!!! And intelligence is very sexy to me. All is going well when his hands start creeping. And I don't mean discreetly. This forty something professional is groping me. I wasn't groped that much in highschool. I thought maybe he was part octopus. The more this went on the more turned off I got. I mean seriously, how old was he again?
I got the impression that no one had ever told him no before. I think he was use to women swooning over him. And I'll give you that he was very nice to look at. He was tall, well groomed, intelligent and owned his own gym as well as having held another possession for close to thirty years. Everything to make a woman's heart go pitter-patter. But when you have to spend most of the time blocking it dulls the mood.
But wait it gets better...When we get back, he offers to come in and check the house to make sure everything is ok. Sure, thanks. He goes to say goodnight and literally pins me against the wall rubbing his erection against me through our clothes. All I can do is sigh. Then he leans close and whispers to me..."Let me just take it out and rub it against you. Skin to skin."
I'm ready to laugh. Does that line usually work for you? And if it does how young are you dating? Yes, I'm blonde. Yes, I'm an erotica writer. But hello! I was not born yesterday.
Anyone else been there?

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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