Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feeling Closer AFTER sex...

That was the title of the article in Cosmo that caught my attention. It gives eight ways to increase your bond with your mate after sex. And I found it really interesting. I'll share a few with you but for the entire article, which shouldn't be mssed, check out the March 2010 issue.
I'll share two of my absolute favorites with you and leave you to find the other six ways on your own. LOL
First is to not just roll over and rush from the bed to clean up once sex is finished. I hate that. I like to lie there and wallow in the post glow. Cosmo's tip is to "drape one of your legs over his and rest your hands on his chest." I love this tip as I'm not much for spooning but love this position.
My other favorite is to do a "reverse striptease." Instead of undressing each other (like if you met for a lunch hook up or something) you slowly dress each other. According to the article,"Dressing each other is super intimate since it taps into the pirmal instinct to preen your mate." Sounds good to me.
So try these tips and check out the article for six more ways to keep the close feeling even when you're not "in the moment".

Lacey Thorn
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