Friday, May 28, 2010

Just one of those days...

Yesterday was just one of those days. The ones that seem to drag on forever and ever and don't end. Sigh. It just seemed like everything that could go wrong did. The icing on the proverbial cake was when I took the gallon of milk out of the fridge and went to pour a glass to sooth me before bed...and there was a hole in the plastic somewhere so that it had leaked all over my fridge. Big sigh...
There were only two options. Cry. Or Laugh. I'm still snickering. Sometimes when it seems like the world is laughing at you just laugh back.
Today will be a better day. I plan on writing all morning and part of the afternoon trying to get closer to finishing the third book in a new series that I am absolutely loving. With a two week vacation with the kids coming up soon I want to get as much done as I can before we leave. I never know for sure when I will get writing time.
I'm so ready for June! Two books coming out for me in June. I love both of them and can't wait to share them with everyone.
Now it is back to the grindstone for, work, work. LOL

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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