Friday, June 11, 2010

Burning Dante

Today is the release date for Burning Dante from Ellora's Cave Publishing.  I'm really excited! 

Burning Dante by Lacey Thorn

Phoebe lost her virginity to Dante and days later he left for the military without even a good bye. It crushed her and she left their hometown as well leaving her mother’s home to live with her father. She only moved back recently and once more finds herself involved in the Marquetti family. She lives with one of Dante’s siblings and is business partners with another. And now the man she has never been able to get out of her head is back in town.

Dante has come home after serving his country in the Marines and transferring back to the civilian world as a cop. Now it is time to come home and once more be a part of the big family that he has missed. When he sees a naked woman outside his door his body responds. Then he discovers who she is and his heart and head follow behind. Now he needs to convince Phoebe that this time he doesn’t plan on leaving.

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The building was nice and secure requiring a key to enter the main door which Angelo had sent to him. The entry way was nice and big with mailboxes along one side, stairwell entrance off to the left and elevator on the right. Third floor so he opted for the elevator this time. Had to make sure it was working right. He leaned back and closed his eyes for a brief minute and took a deep breath. Good or bad he was home now and a new chapter in his life was ready to begin.

No ding to announce the floor but he heard the slow slide of the doors and opened his eyes to the most beautiful site he’d seen in a good long while. A woman stood in the hallway in nothing but a very short towel. Her long hair was dark though it might lighten as it dried and hung in wet curls down to her waist. Her legs were long and toned and would look real good wrapped around his waist. He moved slowly out of the elevator not wanting to startle her. She reached toward the top of the door on her tip toes her fingers just barely missing the ledge but his eyes instantly glued to the nice view of her bottom cheeks that was revealed. The woman had a hell of an ass.

She was in front of the door just across from his so he eased her way. It was easy to be quiet, he’d had years to refine the art. Just as he got close enough to say something she kicked the door. It must have hurt because she instantly yelped and hopped around. Her hand lost its grip on the towel and he was delighted when it fell to the floor at her feet.

“Great,” she huffed still oblivious to his presence. “Just great!” Then she turned as if she suddenly sensed she wasn’t alone. She took one look at him and shrieked. He held his hands up but before he could say anything she’d launched herself at him, totally naked. He caught her in his arms dropping the ruck sack to the floor and struggled with his control as she wrapped her legs around his waist and clung to him so that he could feel every gorgeous, wet, naked inch of her pressed tightly to him.

“Dante,” she screamed. “I’ve missed you!” And then she leaned in and kissed him full on the lips.

What the hell was he supposed to do? Full breasts pressed so tight against his chest that he could feel her nipples. Strong legs wrapped around his waist and snug at the small of his back. Her hot little cunt pressed full into his raging erection and if she wiggled against it one more time he just might cum. Then her lips on his. Firm and warm and just silky enough to make him want to taste them. Without thought he cupped that sweet ass and held her tighter against his cock. His tongue tasted her full lower lip and then slid inside for a better taste. She was sweet, so sweet and familiar. He’d tasted this before.

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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