Monday, June 14, 2010

Discovering Daisy

Today is the release date for the second book in my Lottery Wives series with Total E Bound.  This one is Discovering Daisy.  I hope you enjoy it!

Discovering Daisy by Lacey Thorn

– Sometimes fate shows us happiness when we least expect it
 Daisy is lost when the sheriff finds her surrounded by the bodies of three men. She holds her sister in her arms, shattered at the death that took her only relative away from her. She claims that she killed them and finds herself in the bride lottery. But her new husband is more than she anticipated, much more. Jacob could be the man she’s waited her whole life to find. All she has to do is take a chance.

Jacob just might die before the night was over. The way his wife was cuddled into him had his cock screaming in his pants. One long leg was thrown over his and he could feel the heat of her pussy. His shirt had twisted around her waist leaving her lower half uncovered and only the strongest of will power kept his hand from creeping lower to explore her. But the way she was wiggling and stroking him was about to change all that. If she was a virgin maybe it would be better to claim her while she was half in half out of sleep, when her dreams were still fresh in her mind.

He groaned. He wouldn’t be able to take her that way. Virgin or not he wanted her wide awake and calling his name when he took her. If she moved one more time it would definitely be tonight.

Daisy sighed his name and her knee moved up to rest over his swollen groin. That was it. It was time to seduce his wife awake. She was his wife. That gave a man certain rights, and he was asserting some of them right now. The right to seduce her.

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Lacey Thorn
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