Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drinking Games that Kill

I came across this article that was really eye opening, especially for those of us with daughters.  Drinking games have always been around but today's young woman might make a deadly mistake.  Here is something you may not be aware of:  Between 1998 and 2007, drunk driving arrests among women increased by 28.8% while falling by 7.5% for men.  To me that fact is scary.
Women have a tendency to be physically smaller and sometimes lighter drinkers.  Ironically being a light drinker or novice could hurt you more.  These people may feel prompted to "keep up" with their more experienced friends which could lead to deadly consequences.  A body can only process an average of one drink an hour. Drink more than that and you've reached the phase where it starts affecting other systems and you lose a sense of balance.  It even effects thought process...which can lead to drinking even more.
The important thing is to know your limit and stay within it to avoid alcohol poisoning. Here are some other tips that might help.  Honestly try to stick to one drink an hour.  If you get done with your drink too quickly than try to alternate each alcoholic beverage with water, juice or cola.  Get your drinks with ice.  This helps to keep them watered down.  Most importantly, don't drink on a empty stomach.  Eating will help slow the rate alcohol is absorbed into your system.
Bottom line is if you have to drink to the point of drunkenness to "have a good time", to "be one of the group" or to "relax and be yourself"...well then perhaps you have other issues you need to look at and should steer clear of alcohol altogether. 
So next time you go out and have a few drinks with the girls...or guys....think smart and be safe!

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced


  1. Great post, Lacey. When my daughter was 14 her and a few friends added liquor to iced tea. Why too much liquor. She passed out and stopped breathing. Luckily her friends called 911 and they were able to revive her.
    Not everyone is that lucky. It's very scary. I'd hate to see a parent experience what I did that day when I watched my daughter being put into an ambulence and told she was dead. Thankfully, she's alive and a healthy adult now.

    So yes, please be smart and drink responsibly

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Amber. I hope that other parents will read it and take the step to discuss drinking with their kids.
    And I'm very happy that your daughter is still with us!