Monday, July 26, 2010

Great Reads

So last week I ended up taking an unplanned vacation with the kids. I didn't work at all.  It was nice.  We had a blast and I got a lot of reading done.
I read two books by Maya Banks: Golden Eyes and Amber Eyes.  Both were related books about sisters who shift into animals and the men they meet and fall in love with.  Both had been taken from their families and taken elsewhere while in animal form. The books were really good reads, especially if you are as big a Maya Banks fan as I am.
The third book i read was The Search by Nora Roberts.  What can I say? It is Nora Roberts! So I totally love the book. This woman continues to amaze me.  She can literally write about anything.  I love this storyline.  The heroine is the lone survivor of a serial killer and he has already made her pay for being the one that got away.  But more is in store for her when a copycat begins following the same pattern and it seems like only a matter of time before the puppet pays tribute to the master by correcting the master's one mistake.  Her. Dead.
I found her job as a dog trainer very informative.  She has three dogs and they are all trained as search and rescue dogs.  You get to go on a few searches with her in the book and I found them all very interesting. And if you happen to read this book...I have to admit that I want to see what the tree stump sink looks like!
The fourth book I read was Live To Tell by Lisa Gardner.  I love this woman and have read everything she has written. I've never once been disappointed.  This one is action from start to finish.  I have to admit that I figured out the bad guy fairly early but there were two other twists that I didn't see coming until later in the book.  Gardner is great at this element of surprise.  She will get your mind working in one direction and then switch it up on you. I love that.  This is the fourth DD Warren book but it can be read as a stand alone. If you have never read a Lisa Gardner book PICK ONE UP! LOL  She is fabulous.
This week it is back to work, work, work.  But I am reading The Killing Edge by Heather Graham this week.  I love Ms. Graham also and have even had the pleasure of meeting her! She is an amazing woman!

Whatever plans your week holds, enjoy this last week of July!~ 

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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  1. I'm a huge Maya Banks fan! Sounds like you're enjoying your summer. :)