Friday, July 2, 2010

The Stranger

I wanted to share this with you today.  No article or book I've just written, but a poem by me instead.  It is simply titled "The Stranger".  I hope you enjoy it.

The Stranger by Lacey Thorn

I look at you across the room and wonder what you're thinking
Can I touch you?
Can I see that secret part of you that seems hidden from all other eyes?
Will you touch me?
Will you look into my eyes and search fro the truths of my soul?
Are we a match?
You and I?
Can we be ourselves?
Can there be no judging?
Can there be no secrets or lies?
Will you be my fire?
Will you consume me?
Make me hot?
Set my blood aflame with a desire only you can feed.
Will you caress me?
Stroke my body with your strong fingers
Stimulate my mind with your witty intelligence
May I be your water?
Will you let me surround you with my velvety coolness?
Let my waves lick softly at your flesh
May I stroke you?
Let my hands roam freely across your flesh
Grant me access to your mind
Will you give me a chance? 
To show you who I am
To share with you feelings hidden away long ago
I glance at you across the room and meet your eyes
And I smile

Have you met your stranger?

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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