Friday, August 27, 2010

Blood Magic

Taking another look at Warrior's Dawn today, my first release in the new paranormal series Blood Magic!

Copyright @ 2011 Lacey Thorn

But before things could go any further the door opened behind them and the vision of Nado caught and held her gaze. The man was truly beautiful. His skin had the golden glow of the sun and his shoulder length brown waves were kissed by it as well. But it was his eyes that she could drown in. Such a light shade of brown with flecks of yellow in them. Domi might keep his panther skin but Nado kept his cat’s eyes.

“Starting without me?” he queried as he stood there, a smile on his lips.

“Just warming her up,” “Domi grunted as he reluctantly pulled his hand from her shirt.

“She looks pretty warm to me,” Nado laughed.

Aurora grinned. “Burning hot,” she swore.

“Then we should definitely do something to cool you down,” Nado said and moved out of the doorway so that they could all move inside.

The room was laid out beautifully and she wondered how long they had worked on it. The table was filled with food. Cheese and fruit, bread, and what she was sure was fresh game, caught and prepared just for her. Wine was there as well and she desperately wanted a drink to wet her suddenly dry throat. A fire blazed and before it several blankets had been laid out. She knew what was planned and although she wanted it desperately she was still a little nervous.

She had never been with a man before, never cared to. It was different with Domi and Nado. They called to her soul. As much as she had run from them at first there was just no getting away. And she was glad that they had continued to pursue her even after Lydia had warned them away. She loved them. That simple and that complex. She loved them both and didn’t want to be without them.

“It’s all so beautiful,” she said as she entered and shut the door behind her. “You went to so much trouble.”

“There is no trouble when it comes to you,” Nado said.

“Except that which you cause,” Domi added and she laughed as Nado glared at him. Nado would want the seduction to be smooth and all about complimenting her. But Domi’s nature wouldn’t allow that. Such opposites at times and yet so alike in many ways, Domi and Nado were quite simply perfect for her.

“And if I promise not to cause any tonight?” she asked unable to mask her grin.

“We can only hope for the best,” Domi said and even Nado had to laugh.

“What would you like first?” Nado asked. “Food? Wine?”

She stepped into him, ran her hands up his chest to his shoulders. He was slightly taller than her and Domi standing at six-foot-one. She let her hands glide over his shoulders to tangle in his hair. She loved his hair almost as much as he seemed to love hers. She used its length to tug his face down to hers. Her lips skimmed up his throat so that she could nibble along his jaw before making her way to his ear and the licking the lobe there before nipping it with her teeth.

“How about you?” she breathed into his ear and the last bit of nerves were gone. “How about we eat later?”

Domi moved up behind her cocooning her between their bodies. “Or we could just start with dessert,” he whispered in her ear before licking and sucking at the lobe.
This is one of my favorites that I've written. Hope it becomes one of yours too!
Lacey Thorn
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