Friday, August 20, 2010

Countdown to Warrior's Dawn

Monday is only a few days away and with it my new paranormal series will debut with Warrior's Dawn.  Here's another look to wet your appetite.

Warrior's Dawn
Copyright Lacey Thorn

She woke several hours later with a mate on either side of her. She stretched and was deliciously sore in all the right places. She sat up slowly and moved quietly so as not to wake them. She just had a quick errand to run and would be back before they even knew she was gone. She slipped into her clothes and shoes, watching them the whole time to make sure she didn’t wake them. There was a catch in her heart now because finally they belonged with her. Finally no one would be able to separate them again.

She grinned as she headed out the door closing it softly behind her. She just wanted to talk to Lynx real quick and share the good news with her baby sister. Lynx would be so happy for her. And Lynx would be able to tell Lydia where Aurora was so that their mother wouldn’t worry when she couldn’t find her. Aurora planned on spending as much time as she could alone with Domi and Nado in the cabin. Then they would all move in together.

She was daydreaming. That was the only reason they caught her unaware. One moment she was happy and the next she was turning to see what had suddenly spooked her. But it was too late. The laser brushed her neck and down she went, falling into a semi-sleep that was anything but restful this time around. She could feel the scrape on her palm, the small bead of blood that was forming there. She wasn’t completely out. She wasn’t sure why but she played the part anyway, listening for what they might say.

“Are you sure this is the one Wilhelm wanted?” A deep voice but one she had never heard before.

“She’s the one he’s been looking for all right.” Another new voice. Strangers. And they worked for Wilhelm, a name more and more people were becoming familiar with. The man was known for taking what he wanted no matter the cost.

“Remember to be quick and quiet,” the first man said. “Aslan is not to know of this.”

Aslan. That was the name of the King. Why would Wilhelm want her hidden from Aslan? Why would Wilhelm want her in the first place? Lydia had always said that she was special, that she was meant for a greater purpose but she had never told her what that purpose was. It seemed she would find out soon enough now. And her answers were with Wilhelm.
Come back on Monday for another look and if you happen to get the book and read it....Then leave a comment of what you think!
Lacey Thorn
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