Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Five Days to new Paranormal series!

Monday marks the start of a brand new paranormal series called Blood Magic.  The first book is Warrior's Dawn.  I've given glimpses of it in previous posts but today I will be sharing an excerpt from the book. I hope you enjoy it!

Excerpt Warrior's Dawn
Copyright Lacey Thorn

Aurora checked once more to make sure that Lynx was really asleep before creeping as quietly as she could from their room. She could not afford to let anyone catch her. There was no stopping what was meant to be, and she, Domi and Nado were meant. She couldn’t contain the big grin that spread across her face, didn’t even try to. She wanted this perhaps even more than they did.
Finally in the open air she took a deep breath and almost screamed when a hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her back against a long hard body. It was the other hand that popped over her mouth that stopped her. Her muscles tensed as she prepared to fight. Until the smooth voice of Domi sounded in her ear.
“Going to fight me, love?” he whispered.
Her whole body relaxed into his embrace. “Domi you almost got your ass kicked.”
His low chuckle washed over her. “Hmmm… Sounds like a mood setter to me.” And he pressed closer so that she could feel the ridge of his rock-hard cock against her back. She moaned and leant back into him. And that quickly she had him grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the woods and the cabin that awaited them.
Her grin was back in place. Maybe Domi and Nado were as excited as she was. Hell, he had her practically running to get to the cabin. But then this would be the first night of their lives together as mates. From this point on they would no longer sleep alone. They would share a home now. The one that Domi and Nado had already built for them.
Domi stopped just outside the door and turned to face her. He was so beautiful to her. She loved the way that he kept the dark ebony skin of his panther. Loved the tight black curls on his head and the deep black of his eyes. He was full of shadow and light all at once. At six feet he wasn’t that much taller than her and they fit so well together. She leaned into him and hugged him tightly. He caressed her face and tilted it up so that she could see him.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked softly.
“Have you changed your mind?” she asked instead.
“Never,” he declared.
“And neither have I,” she promised.
“I only ask because there will be no going back after this night,” he told her. “There will be no you, no me, no Nado. We will be as one. No longer will we face our battles alone, but together.”
“I know all that Domi,” she assured him. “Are you and Nado sure that you want to be with me? No matter what road lies ahead for me?”
“Wherever it leads you, we will follow,” he told her and bent to brush his lips across hers. It was meant to be a small token she was sure but they both needed more.
Watch Friday for another look at Warrior's Dawn.  Available Monday, August 23 from Total E Bound Publishing!
Lacey Thorn
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