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Looking back...His Bare Obsession

His Bare Obsession. That was the book that started it all for me. I hope that I've come a long way since then but this book still holds a big piece of my heart.  Gil Daniels was my first hero, my first love so to speak and HBO is where my Daniels family was born.  I have to say that they are some of my favorite characters ever.  Having just recently finished Shep's story and sent it off to my editor I've decided to take a look back at the book that started it all!

His Bare Obsession by Lacey Thorn
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn 2007


Gil reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind Moira’s ear. She gasped at the flames that coursed through her at his touch. Gil zoned in on her softly parted lips. Before either of them realized what was happening Gil’s lips were hovering over Moira’s. He seemed to catch himself before he followed through on his instinctive need to kiss her. But Moira wasn’t to be denied. She leaned the rest of the way in and pressed her lips boldly to his. The flames engulfed her entire body. She felt his tongue on her lips and his hands curving over her hips to pull her close. She opened wide to his tongue play and tasted beer. She could feel every delicious hard inch of his body against her.

Gil backed Moira up until she was caught between him and the wall. He leaned into her until he could feel her full breasts pressed into his chest. Lord she had the most exquisite body that he had ever seen or felt. He was as hard as stone and he knew that she had to be able to feel his cock against the softness of her belly. He wanted to take her right there against the wall. He put his hands under her firm ass and lifted her against the wall until his cock was nestled against her pussy. At Moira’s moan Gil began to rock against her while he deepened his kiss. She felt like heaven. He had to get inside her before he exploded.

Moira moaned as Gil lifted her and pressed himself boldly between her thighs. She felt the moisture in her panties as he began to rock against her. God, his cock felt so huge. She didn’t know if he would fit but she wanted him enough to try. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist to hold him exactly where she wanted him. He leaned in closer, pinning her more firmly against the wall. He squeezed her ass and then began slowly moving his hands up under her shirt until they were at her breasts. He boldly cupped her full breasts in his palms and brushed his thumbs across the hard pebbles of her nipples. Moira moaned again as Gil’s lips left hers for the new territory of her throat. With one quick tug he had her shirt opened fully to his sultry gaze. She heard his groan as he pushed her breasts up over the cups of her bra.

He put his hands behind her back to force her to arc her breasts up toward his waiting lips. She had beautiful breasts with hard pink nipples that were begging him. Gil bent forward and sucked her nipple hard into his mouth. He heard Moira’s gasp of shock and pleasure and reached his hand back around to pluck at her other nipple. He couldn’t suck her nipple deep enough into his mouth. He had to get her on her back on the bed behind him. He had to be inside her soon or it would be too late.

Just then there was a knock at the door and he heard Ben ask if he was ready to go meet Jack downstairs.

Gil had to clear his throat twice before he could reply. “I’ll meet you down there in just a few minutes.” He felt Moira pulling away from him, but he was so close that it was doing her no good.

He glanced at her and saw the confusion and vulnerability in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Moira. I didn’t mean this to happen.”

Moira was embarrassed by her wanton behavior. If the other detective had not interrupted she would have let him take her right there against the wall, not a very dignified way to lose one’s virginity. She unclasped her legs from around his waist and moved her hands to readjust her clothing. Before she could Gil was there again. She felt his lips kiss both of her nipples before he put her back in her bra cups. He pulled her shirt back together and tied it deftly. With a deep breath he stepped back from her but kept his hands firmly on her waist.

“I’m sorry if I went too far. I can’t deny though that I want you very badly. I think that you want me too.”

Moira just gazed up at him with her wide green eyes. “I…I’m not sure what I want.”

“Yes you are and if I didn’t have to head downstairs I would prove that to you. Soon, Moira, we will finish this.” With those words, Gil swooped in and gave her a hard kiss of possession before turning to leave the room. Once in the hall outside the apartment Gil shook his head to bring his thoughts into focus. What the hell was he thinking? He was here to protect her not to fuck her. He prayed that he would remember that the next time he had that incredible body against his, cause Lord willing there would be a next time.

* * * * *

Hope you liked this trip down memory lane!  I'll be looking at a few other Bare Love books this week also.  If you have a favorite or a request just let me know!

Lacey Thorn
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