Monday, August 9, 2010

My Weekend Read

So this weekend I read That Perfect Someone by Johanna Lindsey. It is the latest Mallory Family novel, and I love my Mallory family!
Here is the blurb:

Nine years ago, Richard Allen fled England and his controlling father. Determined to live his own life, he took to the sea and settled in the Caribbean, joining a band of treasure-hunting pirates and adopting the persona of a carefree, seductive Frenchman named Jean Paul to guard the secrets of his past. When he slip back into England to carry out an urgent task, Richard becomes infatuated with a married woman, Georgina Malory.  But his reckless attempt to woo Georgina at a masked ball turns out to be the worst mistake of his life because it brings him face-to-face with another beautiful woman.
Thrilled that her solicitors have finally come up with a way to free her from her betrothal contract to the Earl of Manford's son who abandoned her years ago, heiress Julia Miller is ready for the marriage mart and hopes to find that perfect someone at her friend Georgina's ball. Charmed  by a mask Frenchman who gives her her first kiss, she can't help but pursue this mysterious man--until she makes a shocking discovery. Now, to avoid falling into a ruthless nobleman's trap, Julia must enter a risky, intimate charade with a man she never believed she could love.

My take:
I love this entire series.  I've read them all from the start and can't get enough of the Mallory family.  They have it all.  I love Georgina and all of her brothers and still hope to get the last two brothers stories. This series touches base with the Mallory family though the lead characters aren't part of either family.  I have to admit that I didn't like Richard all that much to begin with but the more I learned of his story the more I did. It amazes me what he has survived and still had the ability to laugh and smile.
Then there is Julia who is Ms. Lindsey's typical strong alpha woman. I love her.  In a world where most women were content to follow their husbands and do as told, Julia is still unmarried and running her family's business interests for her invalid father.  She is strong, smart, and lovable. I routed for her all through the book.
I am a big Johanna Lindsey fan and have read almost all of her books.  There might be one or two that I have missed but none of the Mallory novels. Reading this one makes me want to go back and re-read some of my favorite Mallory books. Which is just fine since I have them all on my bookshelf!  So happy reading everyone!

Lacey Thorn
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