Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today I am taking a look at one of my favorite books and favorite heroes.  Running Bare and Jack Madigan.  I really love this man. Hope you do too!

Running Bare

Lacey Thorn
Book four in the Bare Love series.

After coming face-to-face with the woman he believes to be his niece, Jack Madigan looks for answers about his brother who died long ago. His search leads him to a town known as Hidden Falls and a woman who sets his body on fire with a raging lust that just might lead to love.
Julia White is already behind on missing-persons cases at the Hidden Falls Police Department. Then she has a one-night stand with a stranger she can’t get out of her mind. He makes her body burn with unquenchable desire. Sex with him is a full-body experience that she never wants to end.
Hidden Falls, the place where people go to disappear. And where some discover more than they ever imagined.


Julia had no idea why she was here tonight. She usually didn’t venture this far from home but the case she was currently working on made her antsy. So here she sat on a barstool in a smoky tavern sipping a cold beer. She’d wanted a little action. Unfortunately none of the contenders at the bar were even in the running. Too old, too young, too few teeth. She could find a reason for dismissing all of them. Looked like she was going home unsatisfied tonight.

She tilted her head back to finish her beer, and let her gaze slide up to the mirror above the bar and almost choked as her beer slid down the wrong way. When had he walked in and how the hell had she missed him? He sat in the far corner, his back to the wall and she almost swallowed her tongue along with her beer when he lifted a brow and acknowledged her gaze in the mirror. He was sex on a plate and she was definitely hungry.

She let a smile tilt the corners of her lips. Her gaze flicked toward the sign pointing to the restrooms and then she let it slip back toward him. With a casual move she slid off the barstool and without glancing back at him turned toward the path her eyes had just taken. She took her time, letting him get a good look at her long legs as revealed by the tight black miniskirt she was wearing. The heels on her shoes added two and half inches to her already five-foot-ten-inch frame. She couldn’t tell how tall he was from the brief look in the mirror but she could cross her fingers and hope.

She bypassed the bathrooms and stopped in front of the door at the end of the hall. If she wasn’t mistaken this would be a closet of some sort. Every bar seemed to have a storage closet in the same place by the bathrooms. Almost all of them were stacked to the rafters with supplies like toilet paper and rolls of towels for the bathroom dispensers. She reached for the knob and gave it a turn to see if it was locked and
almost jumped when another hand appeared above hers and helped to push the door open.

She glanced back and there he was, looking even more edible up close. He had close-cropped sandy brown hair and the greenest eyes she had ever seen. The shape and color reminded her of a cat but this man was definitely no tame tabby. She let him push the door open and stepped as silently as she could into the shadows. There was a soft glow in the room that made her think that someone had invested in a night light. She silently thanked them for it.

She felt him move further into the room behind her and quickly turned back toward the door. He made no move to stop her. A shiver swept up her spine when his voice filled the silence, a soft whisper that seduced her senses.

“Change your mind?”

She clicked the lock and braced her hands on the door. She glanced back over her shoulder and met his gaze with all the lust she felt reflecting in her eyes. She heard his indrawn breath and smiled softly. “Have you?”

“Hell no,” he commented and moved forward pinning her body between him and...
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