Monday, September 20, 2010

Blood Magic Series

The second book in the Blood Magic series is slated for release in one week on September 27 and I have more exciting news!  I just learned today that the first two books in the series, Warrior's Dawn and Shifter's Delight will be available in print on October 11!  I'm really excited about this!  Both books, as well as the rest of the series, are paranormal menage books.
Here is a look at the second book in this series!

Shifter's Delight By Lacey Thorn
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn 2010

 Lynx only wanted to find her sister and make sure that Aurora was safe. What she found was a murderous plot and a man, or two, that she could easily fall in love with.

Micah and Merced were Danuja and being Danuja confined them in many ways when it came to loving a woman. For one Danuja didn’t share. They mated one woman for life. So what happens when two brothers fall in love with the same woman?

It was Lynx’s turn to sigh. She was hot as hell for Micah. In this position she could feel every hard angle of him and she wanted more. Without thought she leaned up and nipped soft kisses along his jaw. He tensed for a minute and then her legs were sliding down his arms to fall sprawled at her sides and he was lying fully on top of her. His mouth found the pulse point in her throat and explored there.

He was naked from the waist up and Lynx ran her hands over every inch of bare flesh that she could. He was so broad, the hair on his chest more wiry and coarse than what she had felt before when playing with men from her shifter tribe. Micah was different and she loved it, wanted to feel more of him.

His mouth moved down her throat to her chest and then her shirt was being tugged up. No time to prepare, just Micah’s hot mouth closing over her nipple sucking deep and hard. She arched up from the floor, trying to muffle the cry that wanted to pour from her lips. His big hand cupped her other breast, his fingers pulling and tugging at that nipple. One hard thigh rode high between her legs and she could feel the magnificent length of his cock against her inner thigh.

Micah was a big man and she wasn’t talking about the fact that he was seven feet tall. She wanted him, wanted to feel him buried deep inside her. She rubbed wantonly against him and she knew he must be able to feel the heat and wetness of her sex on his thigh. He groaned and his mouth left her nipple with a popping sound before he licked his way over to the other one.

Her hands clawed at his shoulders trying to hold him closer, trying to pull him up her body so that his hard cock would lie where she wanted it and she could feel his lips on hers. She wanted to know the sensual feel of his kiss, to feel his tongue stroking against hers. She wanted to grip his hips with her legs and rub her hot sex along the length of his. She wanted desperately.

But Micah moved further down his lips trailing a path along her stomach. With ease he pushed her pants down and his mouth was at her pussy. His tongue slid between the plumped lips and she could hear the pleasure in his voice as her taste filled his mouth. His chest on her knees kept her from moving, kept her at his mercy.

One big hand stretched along her stomach so that his fingers could still torture the nipple of one breast while the other spread the lips of her pussy for his further exploration. His tongue was a torment as it glided up and around her swollen clitoris only to trail back down and rim her opening. Again and again he traced this path until she was ready to scream.

Then his tongue was inside her fucking her channel while he used one finger to rub circles on her clit. She tried to keep the moans she could no longer contain low but the pleasure coursing through her was like none she had ever felt before.

“Micah,” Lynx breathed his name and his head came up to look at her. His mouth was wet with her juices and his eyes were so golden that they looked like twin suns. “Micah,” she said, again unsure of herself in this new experience.

His nostrils flared and his eyes seemed to glow impossibly brighter before his head lowered once more to gorge on her. His tongue and fingers did a wicked erotic dance on her pussy that had her climbing towards what she knew would be pleasure like none she had felt before. A finger filled her pussy pressing high and rubbing in a spot that had her throttling back a scream as orgasm crashed over her.

The finger rubbed for just a moment longer before slipping free only to be replaced by his tongue. His mouth softened and he eased her through orgasm. She was soft and pliant and feeling more than ready to have him ease up her body and slide his cock inside her. But he eased up to her side and turned her so that he was behind her holding her against his chest.

With a softly whispered, “go to sleep,” he stroked his hand down her length relaxing her further. And despite her resistance Lynx fell asleep.

Hope that was enough to "wet" your appetite!
Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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