Monday, September 13, 2010

Enforced Love out on Wednesday!

This Wednesday my first sci-fi will release from Ellora's Cave titled Enforced Love!  This is a futuristic menage. Here's a look!
Enforced Love
Lacey Thorn

Emma has just been promoted, a huge deal for the only female Enforcer. She celebrates her last night before her six-week assignment by going out for some dancing and fun with her two best friends. When she meets two men, she decides to end her night with both.
Heath and Dracon are fantasy come to life. They have incredible bodies and know how to use them to bring her extreme pleasure…over and over again. None of them want the night to end. So imagine their surprise when they find out they’re to be partnered, a new triad squad that could be the future of the Enforcers.
Is it possible to mix business with pleasure? Emma can’t wait to find out.

Enforced Love by Lacey Thorn
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn 2010

I burst into our rooms at a run. As soon as I entered I gave a wild whoop and jumped. Mandy and Soph both burst out of their respective rooms and came to a stop by me.

“What?” Soph demanded which was just like her. She was a petite dynamo. She was a junior enforcer and stuck at a desk. She was not happy about it but she did it and hoped that someday my dad would see that she was capable of more.

“I’ve been reassigned,” I stated and my grin said it all.

“Oh my gods,” Mandy practically vibrated. “You’re going to the fifth aren’t you?”

I nodded my head and we all squealed and jumped around in a circle. These were my girls, my sisters of the heart. We had been together since we were infants and never parted ways as we grew. We were so different and yet the same.

Mandy was the oldest of us by exactly twenty hours. She was a five-foot-ten brunette with bright blue eyes. She worked in intelligence and was sought by many squads for her ability to break codes and find the things that others often missed or overlooked. She was smart, funny and beautiful.

Soph was the baby of our group by six hours. She was barely five foot four with long blonde curls and soft brown eyes. She was curvy and mouthy, both of which garnered her male attention. She was an enforcer like me but because of her size and sex she was strictly a desk jockey and hated it. She was fast and strong and deserved the chance to prove herself. I hoped someone would give it to her soon.

I was the tallest of us standing at six feet even. When left unbound my jet black hair fell to my waist. I carried my father’s olive complexion and my mother’s bold green eyes. I was still dressed in uniform at the moment, my black pants tucked into my boots, my black shirt bearing the symbol of the tiger showing my rank in the squad. My hair was bound at the moment and tucked into the quetchin that women wore so that it appeared my hair ended at the bottom of my neck.

“We have to celebrate,” Soph stated.

“Absolutely,” agreed Mandy.

“Let’s all get changed and head out to the club for the night,” I said.

“This is our last night together for six weeks,” Soph said and there was a slight catch to her voice.

“It will go by faster than we think,” I vowed. “And then I’ll be back to bore you with all my stories.”

“Well you have three things to do before you leave in the morning,” Mandy stated and held up her hand counting them off on her fingers. “One is to pack. Two is to go out and have a hell of a farewell party with your two best friends.”

“And what is number three,” I asked when she stopped.

“Finding some hot piece of ass for you to have a final romp with before you go,” Mandy said with a cheeky grin. “Six weeks in the fifth will leave no time for play.”

Did I mention that she was the one who worked in intelligence? Need I say more?

Look for this one on Wednesday at Ellora's Cave Publishing!
I'll share another look then along with the link!
Lacey Thorn
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