Friday, September 10, 2010

Final Guardians

That is the title of the new print book available at Ellora's Cave Publishing.  This one contains the final three books in the Island Guardians series.

Final Guardians

By: Lacey Thorn

Washed Away

The drums of war constantly resonate on the Isle of Altair, as warriors hope to claim its bounty as their own. But in the shadow of death lies the promise of the coming of the Island Guardians. Willow is the Guardian of Water, and warriors Drago and Ulrik want her. They wait for the time of Willow's claiming to arrive, for they will have no other. But there is more at stake than anyone realizes and the greatest betrayal will change them all.

Breathing Her Air
Drew and Sorran Xandova return to their island home to find the one they vowed to protect has been murdered. And Alea, the woman promised to them, has gone after those responsible. When fate brings them together, they seduce her before pursuing justice for their prince. Alea is the perfect mate and companion. And her seduction? The greatest pleasure they have ever known.

Mystic’s Call

As the Isle of Altair prepares for its final battle, the Mystic is awakened. She is not afraid of her destiny, especially when it includes the three sexy warriors who are her intended mates. Bram, Finn and Tanner Verbani are the sons of Princess Asme. Save the island? You bet they will. But first they must claim the woman who ignites the fires of passion in them all. The Mystic.

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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