Monday, October 4, 2010

Ranger's Apprentice

This is a new series that I have discovered through my kids and I love it. Written by John Flanagan, this is one of the best book series that I have found that is enjoyable for the whole family.  The entire series is centered around the young Will who is the Ranger Halt's apprentice.  It is a fantasy series with wonderful world building reminiscent of midevil times.
The series begins when Will, Horace and several of their friends are just children and the time has come for them to begin an apprentice program if one of the program masters will have them.  Will has decided that he should go to battleschool but he is turned down.  A ranger hands the master of the castle a paper pertaining to Will and Will is told that he will be informed in the morning what the master's decision is.  But Will can't wait.
His curious nature has him climbing the castle walls and seeking entrance through a high window to find our for himself just what that paper said. But the Ranger is waiting for him and thus begins his journey.  For the paper says that Halt will accept Will as his apprentice.
These characters are sure to win their way into your heart.  They certainly have mine.  I'm off now to keep reading book five The Sorcerer of the North.  I'm looking forward to finding what adventure comes next!

Happy Reading.

Lacey Thorn
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