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Excerpt from Rogue's Rage by Lacey Thorn

Excerpt Rogue's Rage by Lacey Thorn
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn 2010

Rory walked in shadow and craved the light. Her people were nomadic, never staying in one place long enough to call anywhere home. If you asked the elders they would say that the entire island was home. It wasn’t the existence that Rory wanted or dreamed of but it was the hand she’d been dealt by fate.

At this point most inhabitants on the island knew the legend behind the sword of the ruling queen. A native woman betrayed by her people, her mate killed while she lay dying. It had been her wish to heal the wound her family felt when she’d walked away from them for the life of a mated woman. She had bucked tradition and married a newcomer to the island and together they had formed the people now known as the warriors.

She had also been among the first to forgo the triad mating and instead mated to one man and only one. And history spoke of her happiness. But that wasn’t the story that haunted Rory. She was a direct descendant of the younger daughter born to older parents and sheltered from life. Those were the journals passed from generation to generation, mother to daughter.

The younger sister had been Ramie and her journals spoke of a woman never truly allowed to live. Always in shadow, always sheltered, always watched. She trained, she fought, and eventually she was mated to two brothers that her family chose for her. She gave birth to two daughters and loved them deeply. Her words spoke of a woman alone, one who felt unloved by her mates. One who felt more like an object than a person. She personified the hope that the curse would be lifted and that hope passed on to the first daughter of each new generation.

Until Rory. She was the first daughter but not one of pure blood, not one of love. Her mother had been captured, tortured and raped before escaping. Broken inside and out Raven had made her way home using shadow to hide from the guards that followed. Murderess was how they called her. But her people knew better.

Raven, the first daughter of the royal line was welcomed home and nursed back to health. And when it was announced that she was with child, they accepted Rory as well. Her mother married well and was loved by her mates. In their defence they had loved Rory as well. It was she who had always felt different especially since the birth of her sister Raine.

Raine was the first daughter of the first daughter of the people. Her blood was pure and true. Raine was the most beautiful woman that Rory had ever seen. Inside and out. Rory would give anything to be rid of her greenish yellow cat like eyes and have the warm brown of her sister. But she wasn’t pure native and everyone knew that. And that little fact of fate had changed her entire life.

Lacey Thorn
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