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Into the Mist

In anticipation of my next werewolf book release, Through the Veil, here is a look at the second book in the series, Into the Mist.

Into the Mist by Lacey Thorn

Stand-alone sequel to White Valley.
In the aftermath of her best friend’s death, Nikki was looking for a reason for life when she took a long drive through the state park. A song in the air led her through the mist and into a valley to delight the senses. All of them…
Gunnar and Geran didn’t expect to find the naked beauty swimming in the bridal pool but they couldn’t leave her to face the effects of the water all alone. So they claimed her as their mate and took their pleasure in helping her reach hers. Again and again and again…until every inch of her knew their touch.

An Excerpt From: INTO THE MIST
Copyright © LACEY THORN, 2009
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.


The old grey wolf settled along the bank of the pool and closed his eyes. It was as if he was waiting for something and would not leave until he had it. He sat for an hour before the rustling of the trees gave way to the ethereal beauty of a tiny woman. She was dressed in a sparkly dress of blue that played well against the deep blue of her eyes and the black curls that hung to her feet. She approached the wolf and, reaching her hand out, softly stroked his fur.

“You may show yourself, Lynx,” she murmured and stood back as wolf transformed into man.

When he stood before her, she once again felt a pang of regret for what could never be between them. No matter how much time passed she still felt a burning desire to lie with the man she longed for, the only man she would ever love. But theirs was a forbidden joining, no wolf could ever be mated with one of her kind. It would lead to the death of them both. Yet fate had made them lovers in their hearts and souls and so no other had ever come between them.

“I’ve missed you, Serena. You grow more beautiful every year.” His words were like a stroke along her skin. She marveled at the beauty of the man before her. His body was as big and strong as ever, as healthy as it had been in their youth. She loved the way that his muscles rippled as he moved, as much an animal even in his human skin. His cock jutted heavy and full from the thatch of hair that surrounded it. She licked her lips, only realizing what she had done when his groan pulled her attention back up to his face. “One day, my queen,” he promised. “One day I will take you away from here and there will be none to stand in our way.”

“Wishes and dreams,” she whispered but in her heart she prayed for the same thing.

“You called the woman for my brother’s sons.” It was more a statement than a question but she nodded anyway. “How did you get her to come? How did you know that she would listen to you?”

“I hoped. I did not know for sure, Lynx. I only hoped that she might be one of those capable of passing through and entering the Valley.” She had sung for days, a song of entreaty and longing. It was her way of trying to help save the were of the valley. “Your women grow fewer in number with every new year. I shudder to think of the Valley with no more of your people in it. We need you.”

“Do you need me, Serena?” His fingers whispered through her hair and it took everything she had not to give in to the forbidden touch. She longed to curl into his arms and give life to the need that was like an extension of them both.

“Don’t,” she whispered. “You know that we can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?” he snapped and she felt the first tear slide from her eye down her cheek. “Damn it.” He reached out to wipe it away before cupping her jaw and forcing her to look up at him. “I’m sorry, my love. I know how much your family means to you.”

If only he did know why she couldn’t be with him, why she must deny them both the ecstasy that she was sure they would find in each other’s arms. She could never have what she desired most in life so she did everything that she could to see that his family was happy. It was her magic that mixed with the water of the bridal pool. Her magic that kept the Valley hidden from those who might seek to destroy or harm it. Her magic that would continue to call forward mates for the groups of weres who still waited for the woman they would take and bond with.
But her magic came at a high price. The one thing that she could never do was spend even one moment with the man she loved, the man she craved with all her heart and soul. For in one moment of jealousy, the man she was betrothed to had cursed them all to a solitary existence. His intention had been to bind her to him but instead he had bound her magic and with it the fate of the Valley. For if she followed her heart and consummated the love she shared with Lynx, she would lose everything else. Her choice. Either the man she loved or the life of everything and everyone in the Valley.
There were days that she hated the White Valley, days when she was engulfed with anger so deep that it was hard to breathe. But those days were few and far between and the Valley had a way of thanking her for her gift. Her betrothed had long since died, cold and alone. He had hoped that she would come to him when she was denied Lynx but that she could never do. She would rather spend her life alone than with any man other than the one she had loved since her youth. There would never be another for her.

“Perhaps a woman will appear for you,” she murmured though it hurt even to think about him with another. He could easily have mated with the same woman as his brother but had declined, instead allowing his brother to have what no other of his kind had, a woman who was his and his alone, a woman who, without a second mate, would never find her wolf. It was something they all struggled with, but as yet his brother refused to take another as his second.

“There will never be anyone else for me,” he vowed again, the same as he always did. “You or no one, Serena. I will settle for no other than the woman of my heart.”

She turned away and glided back toward the trees where she had entered. “More will come. I don’t know how many or when but they will come. I will continue to sing and lead them to the sacred waters that will ready them for the claiming. It is all that I can give to you, Lynx. It is everything that I can give.”

“For now, it is what I will gladly accept.” He followed after her, reached out and ran his fingers through the back of her hair. “But someday we will find a way to be together. We won’t be denied forever. Someday, my love, you will know the feel of my skin on yours.” She felt the whisper of his breath beside her face and wanted so badly to lean against him, to revel in his strength if only for a moment. “One day we will be as one. One day you will be the one who comes.”

She felt the rustle in the air behind her and knew before she glanced back that he was once more a wolf. She turned just in time to see him run between the trees and disappear toward the heart of White Valley where the were lived. How she wished that she could go to him. But it was never to be. With a weary sigh she turned back the way she had been headed and with a shrug released her fairy wings and took to the sky. She had more singing to do, more enchantments to weave before the night was through. The entire Valley was counting on her.

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Lacey Thorn
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