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Here is one more look at Rogue's Rage by Lacey Thorn

Excerpt from Rogue's Rage by Lacey Thorn
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn 2010

When they reached the water, Rory took a look around before removing her hood and stepping back into the light of the world around them. Raine followed suit as did Theron and Thaden. She wasted no time.

“Well, what do you think?” Rory asked.

“You could do a lot worse when it comes to mates,” Theron said.

“They seem as if they will be very attentive of you,” Thaden added.

“They are absolutely gorgeous,” Raine stated.

“Not them, you fools,” Rory almost shouted. “I don’t care about that. I mean about the newly found queen. The claim of traitor now on Wilhelm’s head. Has the time finally arrived?”

“The pieces are aligning,” Thaden stated.

“But is it a trap?” Rory asked.

“You must go to them and speak privately as they ask,” Raine said and all three heads whipped towards her.

“All joking aside that is a decision that only Rory can make,” Theron said.

“No, it isn’t,” Raine said and for the first time Rory saw the royalty in her sister. “It is a decision that the Princess can and will make.” Raine turned to Rory and Rory felt as if her life were changing in this one moment. Long had she been the protector, the leader. Now it was as if she could see Raine coming into her own and finally claiming what was rightfully hers.

“I love you Rory,” Raine said holding her sister’s gaze and reaching out to link their hands. “But you must go to them and find out the information that we need to know. This is what our people have been waiting for since before our births. This is the chance needed to clear the taint from our mother’s name. The time could be upon us to show all that Queen Ona did not die by the hand of a native, by the hand of our mother.”

Rory nodded her head.

“You cannot ask this of her,” Thaden exploded next to them. “If she goes they will see it as an agreement to courtship. She will be bound to that. It is practically an agreement to mate with them. Warriors don’t court. They mate.”

Raine nodded her head. “I know what I ask and I do not ask lightly or with ill purpose. I ask for all of us. A chance to right a wrong done so many years ago.” Rory saw the purpose in her sister’s eyes. To be honest she had never been so proud of Raine before in her life. “You must go to them, return with them and seek audience with the queen.”

“No!” It was Theron who roared this time. “She cannot go in alone. If she goes then we must go with her.”

“No,” Rory spoke softly. “You said yourself that we would be separated,” she reminded him. “This is the chance we have waited for. This is the fate I have known awaited me. This is my wrong to right.”

“You cannot be held accountable for the actions of” Thaden trailed off.

“My father?” Rory questioned.

“Don’t ever refer to that vile man as such,” Theron spoke harshly.

“This is my quest,” Rory said. “I will go to them this evening and agree to the courtship.”

“They will see it as agreement to mating them,” Theron stated.

“I cannot control their views, only my reactions to them. I will return with them and if opportunity is there, I will seek audience with the queen. As for mating them,” Rory sighed, “I don’t know what fate has in store. Just know that I go into this with my eyes wide open to the possibility of what could be.”

“I will go with you,” Thaden vowed but Rory shook her head.

“You will stay with Raine as you are supposed to,” she said. “The true leader must be guarded at all times.”

“And how will we explain this to the people?” Theron asked. “How will we explain your leaving, alone, when you are purported to be the leader?”

“I am going on a peace mission,” she said. “One queen to another. The people will not question my royal quest. And they will respect me all the more for leaving my best rogues behind to guard my sister.”

“I love you,” Raine said as she stepped into Rory, embracing her and whispering to her. “I pray the great guardian upon your skin will watch over and protect you. I pray you find the happiness that you so deserve.”

“I love you also,” Rory said. She wondered if this would be the last time that she would hold her sister in her arms. Theron had stated that they would be separated but not whether they would be united or not. How could they be separate yet closer than ever? Death maybe? Perhaps her fate was to watch over them from the spirit world. “I will go to them with the rise of the moon. And with the dawn I will leave with them.” Rory turned so that her sister was at her side and they both faced Theron and Thaden. “Watch over and protect Raine. Guard her well. I will return when I can.”

“Rory,” Theron started to say, but she shook her head stopping the words.

“This is the choice I have made,” Rory stated. “I love you both. You are the greatest friends that a girl could ever have.”
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