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Rogue's Rage out today!

Rogue's Rage, the third book in my Blood Magic series is out today at Total E Bound Publishing.

Here is the entire prologue for your enjoyment.  Hope it wets your appetite enough to want the entire book!
Happy Reading.

Rogue's Rage by Lacey Thorn
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn 2010


Raven lay in the cage praying for death. How long had she been here? What more did he have planned for her? Surely he could not hurt her more than he already had. She had never known a man so hungry for power. It was easy to see now that he craved the crown and would do his best to remove anyone that stood in his way.

She had overheard Wilhelm speaking of how his brother, the Queen’s husband, had been killed. The Queen’s brother, who ruled as king at her side, had left to search but already Wilhelm plotted the man’s demise. It was apparent that he did not plan for Raven to ever leave this room alive or he would not speak thus in front of her.

She had come to speak with the Queen, to tell Ona of the whispers the wind carried of a great evil that threatened all. Instead she had met the evil head on and alone. There were six of them who approached while she was bathing in the stream. But she had not shown any fear. She was native and her weapons were always available to her.

Rising from the water, she had broadened her stance and held her hands to the side.

“You are trespassing,” one of them stated but she could scent the lust on them in the air.

“I thought that the land belonged to any and all,” was her soft reply. In all honesty the land belonged more to her and her people than to any other. They were the natives, the ones who had been here since the beginning and would remain here always.

“Trespassing is a very serious and punishable offence,” one of the others said and licked his lips. Goddess spare her from men who thought themselves gods among men.

“Then I will just dress and be on my way,” she said softly and sighed as snickers filled the air. This would not be pleasant, at least not for them.

“Out of the water now,” was the only reply she received.

Slowly she moved forward her mind already planning what course she would take once aground. She could feel the shift of the dragon under her skin, the protector of those of native royalty. Did these men have no idea of the power she could wield?

For a native, weapons were always within reach lying just under their skin. If you glanced at her back you would see her sword. The hilt descended from the back of her neck and squared off so that it spread out to her shoulder blades before stopping just beneath them. The long blade trailed down her spine ending in a sharp point at the small of her back where a small dragon curled around the tip. Both dragon and sword could be pulled from her skin and used in defence unless she was rendered unconscious. Then both would return to the skin until called forth once more.

She stepped from the water and slipped her hand high then lowered it behind her neck. One more chance was all they would get before she drew it from her skin and prepared for battle. One of the group stepped forward and his leer was like a psychic caress over her flesh.

One meaty paw reached out and his filthy fingers pinched her nipple and tugged at it. “Perhaps we should punish you ourselves,” he breathed, stepping closer to her.

And Raven kicked into fight mode. Her knee lifted into the hardened flesh of his cock while one palm flashed out and connected with his nose sending his body in two different directions. The knee made him want to curl forward while the palm sent his head snapping back. The result was him at her feet, fingers hugging his knees to his chest while his nose gushed blood.

She stood at the ready, one hand returning to hover behind her neck though she had yet to call forth the blade or the dragon. A tingle under the skin, like a premonition cautioned her to wait, to be careful in revealing all she held.

The men paused around her as if her actions had given them pause in their plans. Then there was a tremble in the air and everything seemed to still. Her hand hovered and fell as a scream was ripped from her lips and she landed in a heap on the ground. Her hands slapped at her flesh that suddenly felt as if it were afire with flames. She tried in vain to use her hands to put the flames out and rolled about fighting what she could not see. Then the pain overtook her and mercifully she passed out.

When she awoke, she was tied down and unable to move or access her weapons. A man stood before her and she knew beyond a shadow of doubt that this was the Wilhelm that had been spoken of and that he was the great evil. He stood over her taking in the shape of her body, the curves and dips, but she could not feel lust on him. A shadow moved and her glance was pulled towards another.

A woman. Danuja and obviously the source of the flames she had felt before. She stood behind Wilhelm and said nothing.

“So you are finally awake,” he said, grabbing her attention back. “I was wondering how long you would deny me.”

“I did not trespass,” she stated and yet she knew that had nothing to do with why she was here.

“Ahhh, yes,” he sighed and moved closer to her, placing a hand at her foot and trailing it up her skin as he moved towards her head. “But then we both know that is not why you are here.”

“Then why?” she demanded.

“You have something I desire,” he said. The hand stopped at her shoulder and moved to her breast. Soft fingers ran over her flesh circling and touching and she shuddered with disgust.

“Take it then and be done,” she growled.

He laughed. “Tis not your body I crave,” he sneered. “But the magic that lies beneath.”

Now it was her turn to laugh. “My magic belongs to none but me.”

His touch became brutal, pinching and slapping at her. He moved back down her body until he stood between her spread thighs and dropped the robe he wore to the ground. “You will give it to me,” he swore. “One way or another.”

With that he mounted and took her. Raven receded inside to a place that sheltered her mind though not her body. The fool did not seem to understand that a native’s magic was hers alone. It could not be taken. It could not be given.

Raven shook her head, coming back to the present. She had no idea how many times he had taken her since her captivity, or even how long she had been here. Always the flames to incapacitate her and awaking to being tied down with him atop her telling her it would all end if she just gave him what he desired. Then awaking once more to her cage. What she did know was that her body was changing. Already she could feel the seed of life blooming inside.

She must get away. She could not allow a child to be born and held at the mercy of so evil a man. She must either escape or ensure that the child was never born. There were no other viable options for either of them.

She was brought from her thoughts by the constant opening and shutting of Wilhelm’s door. Something was going on. Something big. Wilhelm seemed agitated as he paced back and forth ignoring her presence completely. She focused on what was being said to him only catching the end.

“to your chamber,” the man stated. “She will head this way as soon as the twins are down for the night. She only awaits Lydia’s arrival.”

“Lydia is of no concern,” Wilhelm stated. “The woman fancies herself in love with me. She will do as she is told. The children will be dealt with as well.”

“Of course, sir,” the man stated and bowed before leaving the room.

“So the queen will meet your demand?” the Danuja woman said as she stepped from the shadows.

“Of course she will,” Wilhelm said. “Her husband has been declared dead and she will feel compelled to turn to me for comfort. There is much that I will offer her.”

“But she is Queen, ruler with or without her mate,” the Danuja stated. He cut her off with a harsh slap to the face that had her crying out.

“I will rule,” he stated and Raven shook her head. He was so power hungry that he just assumed all would eventually bow to his will. But Raven knew better. After all, the sword the queen wielded had originated from a native. None would hold that sword but the queen and eventually the queen’s newborn daughter.

Wilhelm and the Danuja left taking exit through a secret panel in the wall. She knew well the torture chamber it led to. She’d been there too many times. All was silent but she could feel the energy in the air. Then the door was opening again and it was with awe that she watched the queen enter the room.

Queen Ona was as beautiful as her portraits. Regal and calm. The woman looked about the room and seeing that they were alone she headed immediately for the cage Raven was in.

“We do not have much time.” The queen slipped her hand through the bars. “Here is the key to your release. Guard it well until the time is right for your escape.”

Raven took the key and slipped it under her hip. She had no clothing to hide it in as Wilhelm kept her naked in the cage. “Until the time is right,” she stated with a sigh. Hopefully that time would come before she was knocked out and moved once more.

“Be ready,” Queen Ona said, squeezing her hand. “The time will be soon. When Wilhelm and his paramour are engaged with me, you must make your escape.”

Raven nodded.

“You must not fear what you see,” Queen Ona said. “Death comes for us all. Destiny waits for none. Mine lies in one path and yours in another.” Raven caught her breath as she looked at the queen. “Flee. Return to the people from whence you came. Guard the child you carry for her destiny will help unite a nation and through her the chosen will fall and the curse will lift.”

Raven nodded but was unable to say anything as the wall opened and Wilhelm entered once more. She watched and listened knowing that she must give witness to the sacrifice made. And when the time was right she used the key and fled stopping neither for clothing nor supply. And long before she made her way home she heard on the wind that she was wanted for the death of Queen Ona.
Hope you enjoyed this look at Rogue's Rage!
Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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