Monday, November 15, 2010

White Valley

In December my third werewolf book will be out with Ellora's Cave Publishing titled Through The Veil.  So in anticipation I'm going back to the short story that started it all.

White Valley by Lacey Thorn
Available in the anthology:
Ellora's Cavemen: Jewels of the Nile III



All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
An Excerpt From: WHITE VALLEY
Copyright © LACEY THORN, 2008

Dimitri and Sebastian Cordova followed the sounds to the bridal pool and stood hiding behind the lush foliage to watch the woman undress. Her hair was a cascade of sun-kissed brown curls that reached nearly to the small of her back. Her breasts were high and full, her stomach concave. The flare of her hips called to man and beast alike urging them to take and mount her. Her buttocks were creamy and smooth and it was all they could do to control the wolves that sought to howl inside them. She was sheer perfection and the brothers wanted her.

Who is she? Sebastian asked through his link with his brother. Have you ever seen her before?

Never, Dimitri answered. She cannot be from the Valley.

But she bathes herself in the bridal pool. Sebastian stated that fact as they continued to watch her frolic and splash in the water. It is only for those who are preparing to mate. You know what the water will do.

Dimitri’s grin was carnal. Yes, we do. But I’m guessing that she doesn’t.

Sebastian laughed softly. Good thing that we are here to see that she does not suffer needlessly.

You are saying that you want us to claim her? Dimitri asked just to be sure that his brother was thinking the same thing that he was.

We have reached our twenty-fifth year. It is time that we claim a mate. Sebastian turned to look at Dimitri’s face. Tell me you do not want to mount her right now. Tell me that your wolf is not howling for release.

You know that it is, Dimitri told him.

It won’t be long now. The waters will work their magic soon and then she will be ours. Sebastian glanced back at the woman and almost groaned when she stood from her play. Water dripped from her pebbled nipples. It clung to her body and he wanted to lick every inch of her skin before placing her on her hands and knees and claiming her in the way that his wolf demanded.

Soon, Dimitri murmured, his eyes glued to the woman as well. Soon all three of their lives would change. The bridal pool would ensure it.

I'll be sharing more from White Valley and it's sequel Into the Mist in anticipation of the release of Through the Veil!

Happy Reading!
Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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