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Through The Veil out today!

Out today at Ellora's Cave Publishing is the third book in my werewolf series, Shifters' Veil, called Through The Veil.  Here is another look at this exciting new adventure!

Through The Veil by Lacey Thorn
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn 2010


Reggie finds her mother wrapped up in a cult and barely escapes with her chastity intact. Drugged and on the run, she is drawn by a wondrous song through a veil of fog and into a whole new world.
Jamison and Taggart are devoted to the task before them, finding and seducing the woman who is to be theirs. When they find Reggie already submerged in the bridal pool, they can’t believe their luck.

The pool serves one purpose, to prepare a bride for her mating by revving her sexual desire and need. Her body craves their touch, their possession, and that’s just what they desire as well. Let the mating begin!

Reggie didn’t know how long she’d been running when she first heard the song. It was beautiful though she couldn’t make out the words. They seemed to be in a language that she wasn’t familiar with. All she knew was that someone was either singing it or playing it and if she could just find that person she might find help.

There was something comforting about the song, as if safety would be given if she just followed where it led her. She wondered vaguely if they had given her more than the sleeping drug. Or maybe it was just the pain that was now radiating from her feet up and through her entire body. She knew that they were bruised, torn and bloody from the scratches they bore. But she couldn’t afford to stop until she found help or at the very least a safe place to hide.

She kept running until she saw the fog rising from the ground. It grew thicker until it was like a veil separating her from the path behind her. She floundered forward hands out in hopes of preventing herself from running into something. She prayed she wasn’t heading toward a ledge and serious injury or death if she fell. But just as suddenly as it appeared the veil of fog seemed to lift.

It was as if by disappearing as suddenly as it appeared it lifted a covering or screen from her eyes. The forest around her seemed brighter, more colorful and alive than it had been before. She heard the trickle of a waterfall and headed in that direction. The song had stopped and though that should worry her she felt as if she were safe now. It was hard to explain even to herself, but she felt as though she was where she was supposed to be.

She came upon the pool of water and sighed in appreciation. It was in a lush garden oasis surrounded by rich green bushes and flowers. The water she had heard was from a waterfall that fed the pool from above. It wasn’t very big but appeared deep enough to swim in. Reggie wanted nothing more than to strip and jump in washing off all that had been done to her and all that could have been done to her, still would be if she hadn’t managed to escape.

She made her way down the path that led to the pool and stood at the bank just looking into the clear water. She dipped her foot in and sighed as the water seemed to ease the burn in her foot. She ripped at the material in her hurry to lift it up and over her head, just wanting to rid herself of what they had put on her. She sat on the edge dangling both legs into the pool and felt the caress of the water on them.

It was as she imagined a lover’s hands would feel, warming and stroking over her skin. She slid all the way into the water letting it embrace her as she slipped fully beneath its surface. It held her, making her body come alive everywhere it touched her. With a gasp she surfaced inhaling deep breaths of air into her lungs. Her hands rubbed over her body trying to soothe the burn she felt now.

Her entire body was alive and churning with desire. The more she moved in the water the higher the burn seemed to go. She swam quickly over to a rock that rested just beneath the fall of water. Hopping up she leaned back on it spreading her thighs so that the water fell onto her body like a million tiny hands stroking her flesh. It was so good and yet still it wasn’t enough. One hand moved down between her thighs while the other played with her breasts and nipples. She wondered if this was due to some drug that they had given her in preparation for her wedding night that had just kicked in.

Whatever it was she would probably jump the first thing that came upon her if her body didn’t settle down. For a woman who had never known a lover’s touch she certainly craved it now. She rubbed her thumb over her turgid clit and felt the flood of juice from her pussy as she orgasmed. But it wasn’t enough. She needed more, a deeper touch, something to fill her clenching channel.

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