Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wild Week

So it has been a totally crazy week! First we lost our Internet when one of the servers went down that Comcast uses.  Just "poof" one minute you're on and the next you are booted from the web and couldn't get back on.  So when I tried checking everything that I could on my end I decided to give Comcast a call to see what was going on.  But there was no answer and there was no message telling me what the problem was...just a reminder to go online where there is twenty four hour support...! However with NO INTERNET I couldn't go online to discuss the problem  Luckily it was back up and running in a day.
Then my daughter came down with a stomach virus.  Horrible virus. She was sick for three days with all the fun conditions that go with a stomach virus ( I won't say as I am sure you all know the yuckies that go with it).  However this caused her to miss three days of school which is unacceptable.  According to the rules of our school board "illness and appointments should not interfere with learning time." I'm really sorry. I didn't have her scheduled to be sick until Christmas break. Don't you just hate it when things arrive off schedule?  So now I have to contend with the threats our school uses because my daughter was home sick.  I understand that there are people who abuse the system but please... Why is it that once my child is enrolled in school I seem to no longer have the rights as a parent that I once did.  Hell, I can't even decide anymore if my child is sick...only the doctor or school nurse can.  So usually I just send them to school sick and let the nurse send them home.  But then the school doesn't like that either... So what do they want you to do?
Okay off that vent...There are good and bad reasons for the rules that are now in our schools.  Teachers are underpaid, overworked and no longer have the ability to discipline in their classrooms.  They are cutting funds, cutting aids and increasing the number of students per teacher. There are a lot of things I could say in the negative about our school systems. But I'll just say that I'm not happy with my local schools and leave it at that.  (And, yes, I am one of those parents who volunteer and get involved in everything.)
Then to top it off tonight I lost my one hour of television that I watch every week. One show, that's all I really watch. Bones on Thursday nights on Fox.  And tonight...not on so I can watch Peyton Manning see if he can remember what team he plays for this week.  Yeah, I'm not happy with my Colts either.
So now I have vented and feel so much better.  Maybe I made someone laugh as they know what I am saying. Maybe I made someone mad because they just saw "gripe, gripe, gripe". Either way I feel better.
So now I am off to work on leveling my alliance toons to 85 on my new Cataclysm addition of World of Warcraft.  Maybe I'll feel so much better when I kill stuff in game! LOL
To all of you...Have a great weekend.
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Lacey Thorn
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  1. I think it might have been a Comcast-wide outage. Everyone I know who has it, including me, had the outage too.

    I hope your daughter's feeling better.