Monday, January 31, 2011

On this day in history...

Also on This Day

Lead Story

Truman announces development of H-bomb, 1950

American Revolution

Gouverneur Morris is born, 1752

Automotive names most memorable TV cars, 2007

Civil War

House passes the 13th Amendment, 1865

Cold War

First McDonald's opens in Soviet Union, 1990


The McMartin Preschool trials, 1990


Flood wreaks havoc in Europe, 1953

General Interest

The death of Guy Fawkes, 1606

Germany resumes submarine warfare, 1917

Viet Cong attack U.S. Embassy, 1968

Apollo 14 departs for the moon, 1971


Samuel Goldwyn dies, 1974


Norman Mailer is born, 1923


American composer Phillip Glass is born, 1937

Old West

Author Zane Grey is born, 1872


Clinton authorizes loan to Mexico, 1995


Doug Williams leads Redskins to Super Bowl victory, 1988

Vietnam War

Viet Cong attack U.S. Embassy, 1968

North Vietnam presents nine-point peace proposal, 1972

World War I

Germans unleash U-boats, 1917

World War II

The execution of Pvt. Slovik, 1945
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