Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Okay apologies upfront. Sorry. None of the scheduled blogs posted in the last two weeks.  Some how between me scheduling and them posting they were switched back to drafts....sigh...really big sigh. So I will just have to start logging in and double checking everything again. LOL
Funny thing is I was locked out of my yahoo groups as well during that two weeks. I thought everyone was just quiet due to the holiday! LOL Nope, just me. Didn't figure that out until yesterday either so who knows what I missed out on.  I could always go to the group pages and read them there but I'll be honest and admit that I wont.  Needless to say it should all be fixed now. Just in time for the next phase of my life to start.
Most of you know that I took this year off to stay home and try my hand at writing full time.  The material was there, the work was completed and put out there but I've decided to get back to a sense.  I'll still write full time probably with just a bit less published than last year, but as of next Monday I am back to a full time college student.  I've decided to go back and finally finish my degree while I've still got enough memory left! LOL
I'm excited and anxious and all those first day of school feelings rolled into one.  It's been a long time since my but sat in a class where I earned a grade. But with piracy issues abounding and too many payroll issues to get into I need to look toward acquiring a skill that will net me a steady, consistent paycheck. I do have three beautiful children who will all want to go to college one day!
Of course you know this means that know I will have funny bits of my college days to share with you because let's face is my life which is a virtual comedy~! Ha ha ha...
This week it is getting my books and supplies together, gathering all my information for tax time, and preparing my kids for mom's big "back to school" next week.  Cross your fingers for me too! I'll take all the well wishes I can get!

Happy Reading!

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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  1. Good luck Lacey! I don't think I could do it after all these years of being out. lol