Friday, February 11, 2011

Can you name it?

I'm going to post a scene from one of my books and see who can name it!

Their beginning had not started with love. No, Micah had claimed with hunger and rage, using her body but closing his heart. He had already lost a wife and three young daughters to disease and swore never to love again. Asme would have been happy to let it be that way if Godar hadn’t insisted on telling her of times before, of him and Micah as children and young men. He had given her a deeper insight into who her mate, the prince, was and how he had turned from a loving wonderful man into a ruthless one. Godar had opened her eyes to the good and made her love where she didn’t want to.

Now she sat on the bed, her hand moving in slow circles over her belly that was just starting to round with the sons that lay inside. She knew they were boys just as clearly as if she already held them in her arms. She had conceived on Micah’s last visit to the temple three long months ago. She hoped that he would be returning to see her soon for she wished to share the news with him, hoping that with the birth of his sons part of his heart and soul would heal.

“Your thoughts are deep, my love,” Godar spoke softly in her mind as he entered their sleeping room. “What troubles you?”

Asme smiled up at him, her mighty warrior who only she was gifted to hear. For some reason he had been born unable to speak and had spent his entire life sentenced to silence. Until now. Until her. Only she was able to hear the words he spoke in his heart, the beauty of his voice a welcome presence in her mind. A true sign from the Goddess of Altair that all was not lost, that this love was meant to be.

“I think of Micah,” she whispered. “I wonder when he will come again.”

“Soon, my love,” Godar replied. “Soon my brother will visit again and you can share with him the news of our sons.”

“Yes,” Asme smiled, “I will share our news and hope to heal just a small part of him.”

“Give him time,” Godar encouraged as he always did. “He must first admit his love for you, something which he refuses to see. Only then will he accept what is to be.”

Asme knew that he spoke the truth. Micah loved her even though he refused to say the words or even acknowledge the emotion. She saw it in his eyes, in the tender way he loved her body now. He was still afraid though, afraid of losing her as he had lost the woman before. She understood that fear, understood his need to protect his heart by feigning distance. Soon, though, he would come to understand that there was no denying what the heart already knew. Change was in the air, a cry on the wind and Asme knew in her heart that things would only get worse on Altair before they could ever get better.

So do you know which book it came from?
Until next time...Happy Reading!

Lacey Thorn
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