Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The dreaded four letter word...

D I E T....  I feel like there should be music playing in the background, the kind that plays just before the killer strikes in a scary movie.  Actually in my house we aren't allowed to use this word as it is a four letter word, lol.  Honestly it's because I don't want my children growing up with the same issues that I have.
In my life I've been on many diets.  One of the fad diets would pop up and I would think it looked interesting.  So I'd try it.  My weight has yo-yoed between 120 and 180 since I was in my twenties. So how do you get off the yo-yo trail?
Me? I've worked hard on accepting myself the way I am. Fat or thin, I am the same person on the inside. Or am I? Do we not change a little when we feel like others are judging us?  Are we the same?  It is a hard question to answer and probably different for everyone.  I strive to be the same happy person no matter what size my jeans or what the scale says but I have my days when it gets to me.
So this week I broke my own rule and not only said the dreaded four letter word but decided to implement it.  Yep...a diet. I have my twenty year high school reunion coming up in August and then Romanticon at the end of September.  So, yeah, I'm vain enough to want to look my best. LOL So I thought....just thought about looking at a low calorie diet and guess what?  Suddenly I'm starving.  Things that I haven't looked at or craved in years are suddenly what I must have! Isn't that the way it goes?  My hopeful solution? I've moved my exercise bike to the front room so that it is in my line of sight. And I've worked out on it every night since.
So how do we break the cycle?  And how do I truly set a different example for my kids when I still seem to have issue myself?  All I can do is express to them the importance of good habits both in eating and exercise. These are things that my mother never really discussed with me. I can't remember ever seeing my mom exercise or work out. We ate a lot of fast food and junk food. When there was money, there was always snack cakes, chips and soda in the house.  Vegetable weren't pushed and fruit was a luxury. And since I'm from the south most of our food was fried, deep fried and/or breaded!  So, yeah the vegetable that we did eat were usually breaded and deep fried. LOL
So this is where my thoughts lie today.  Diet or no? For the moment I think I'll just stick with increasing the exercise.  How about you guys? Do you have any challenges when it comes to your weight? Or any tried and true steps to success for the long term?  I'd love to know what you think!

Lacey Thorn
It's your life...unlaced

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