Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quiet Weekend /Reading Navarro's Promise

My phone lost service on Friday.Today it is Sunday and still no service on my phone. I am not a happy camper. I am so not a happy camper. I am one of those people who only have a cell phone so this is really annoying to me. I can't talk to anyone unless I leave town, when suddenly I hit a different tower and have service. Let me say again...I'M SO NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!
So I've been reading instead.  I just finished Lora Leigh's Navarro's Promise. This is the latest breed book and I love this series. I really enjoyed the book (even though I am dying to read Cassie's story!). But I do have a problem with this book.  The last ten pages of the book. I swear that the publisher mistakenly left some pages missing from the end of the book. I had to re-read several times just to make sure that I hadn't missed something. I hadn't. I want those missing few pages. I refuse to blame Lora Leigh as I truly think she is a goddess when it comes to the breed books. So where are my missing pages????  And can I get them back?????

Until next time...Happy Reading

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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