Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amazing end of Year and First weekend!

So the school year is finally over for my kids. We had to go until June 9th due to all the snow days. They head back on August 16 and I head back on August 22. Until then it is hopefully, fun, fun, fun!  Their first week is with their dad and I am already missing them like mad! The house is so empty without them. I miss the noise and the chaos they bring. I miss them. But that is the way of it when there is a divorce in the mix.
So to divert myself I spent my first weekend of summer at a writers' get together in Michigan with my closest gal pals!
Carol Lynne, Brynn Paulin, Dakota Rebel, Mia Watts, Bronwyn Green, and myself, Lacey Thorn all together for a weekend of laughs, fun and camaraderie. I had such a wonderful time. It was the first time we'd all been together in so long. We've been a group since 2007 and try to get together at least once a year if possible. And I always look forward to our time together.  They are such amazing women, extremely talented authors, and incredibly supportive of me.
So to my fellow "tarts": I love you and had an amazing time! Can't wait to see you all again!

Until next time...Happy Reading!

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced

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