Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello again...It's me, Lacey...

Well, hello there! It feels like it's been years since I posted....Oh wait....It has been a year. I'm such a slacker! Actually, I'm just not a great blogger. But you guys know that by now.
I'm super excited with the way my year is winding down. I took time off from writing to go back to school and I'm really wishing I hadn't. It was fun. I enjoyed it. But I missed the writing so much! There's just something about immersing yourself in a story and letting it unveil on the page one moment at a time. I love it! There is nothing in the world like it. And I've come back strong this year.
I signed a contract with a new publisher, Resplendence Publishing. I love them. They are awesome to work with. I'm lucky to have a fantastic editor there. We get alone brilliantly.
 I've written one series with them so far, Demon Chronicles. There are three books: Serephin, Carami, and Brahman. The only thing demon about them is their blood. They look human, act human, and have sex like humans. The first two books are menage and the last one contains a very brief m/m scene. They were so much fun to write! I'll share more on them individually soon.
I also have a new project with Ellora's Cave. I kicked off my Girls Night Out series with Jack's Dee-Light! The second book, What Friends Are For, comes out November 14. And the third book, Marital Bliss is in edits. I love this series. So fun and sexy! Plus the third book, Marital Bliss is my first time writing a sexy erotica story for a married couple! So liberating! I mean, who better to explore your wild side with then the man you pledged to love forever? Right? Right!
So...I've been hard at work writing since May. I've written seven books since then. Four are out. Two are in edits and one releases on Wednesday. Exciting times for me! I'm so happy to be back. I've missed you guys!
I'll be sharing new projects with you, what I have out now, and old favorites. Plus I hope to entice a few friends to come over and share their dirty little secrets with me! Mostly, I just plan to keep in touch with you guys. You are the pulse that keeps me writing. Thanks so much for simply being!

It's your world...unlaced...

Lacey Thorn

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  2. Hi Lacey,

    I was looking for something new to read. Im heading over to Ellora's to get Girls Night Out 1 & 2. That should keep me out of trouble for a bit.

    Thanks for writing great stories!

  3.'ve been busy! Congrats on the signing with Resplendence. I've heard great things about them and their editors.

  4. Thanks so much Rypleigh! I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!

  5. I have been busy, Amber! LOL But it feels so good. Like waking up after a long sleep. Refreshed and rejuvenated! So far, Resplendence has been amazing to work with. Great people and I love, love, love my editor there!