Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Muse

I have a new release out this week!!! The second book in my newest series, Girls Night Out, goes live at Ellora's Cave Publishing on Wednesday. What Friends Are For is the story of Jacey and Jonas! The cover is by far one of my most favorite ever! Jonas is perfect and so edible!
Just in case any of you missed the first book, Jack's Dee-Light...I'm sharing an excerpt today to get you ready!

Jack’s Dee-Light

Lacey Thorn


Girls’ night out is a regularly scheduled evening of pure fun for Dee, Jacey and Mischa. It’s a chance to be naughty and wild with your girlfriends at your back. For Dee, it’s also a chance to finally admit her deepest desire—to have sex with the guy she’s fantasized about forever…Jacey’s brother Jack.


When Jack overhears Dee’s confession, he’s a little surprised. She’s all grown up and sexy as hell, so he’s more than willing to help her fulfill a fantasy or two. But he quickly realizes he’s a goner—and one night with Dee won’t be enough.
Excerpt from Jack's Dee-Light
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn 2012

"Forget asshat," Mischa said. "You were friends, you had sex, he moved on. You can still be friends or you can move on completely. Either way, you really don’t have feelings for him. You just thought you did, or wanted to."

"How can you say that?"

"Because, you don’t get the look when you talk about him," Jacey said and Mischa nodded.
"What look?" Dee wanted to know.

"Jack," Jacey said.

"That look." Mischa laughed.

Dee looked appalled. "I get a look when you say Jack’s name?"

"Honey, you have since we were twelve and you saw him in a towel."

"The best memory of my life," Dee agreed and picked up the napkin to fan herself. "God, he is so hot."

"So do something about it," Jacey said.

"Like what?" Dee asked, shaking her head. "I’m not you, Jacey. I don’t have the balls to just walk up to a guy and talk that way."

Jacey snorted. "What way?"

"About sex and stuff."

"So just pretend for a minute then," Jacey urged.

"Jacey," Mischa warned, but Jacey shook her head and focused on Dee again.

"Just pretend that Jack is here in front of you…"

"Behind you," Mischa murmured.

"Wherever," Jacey glared at Mischa. "If you could say anything to him, what would you say?"

"I’d ask how he was doing. How he felt about not being in the Marines anymore."

Mischa laughed.

Jacey snorted. "Good grief, Dee. Would you admit how much you want him or not?"

"Hello, this is me, remember." Dee shook her head. "Maybe with a few more drinks I could."

"What would you tell him?" Jacey encouraged. "If you had enough liquid courage in your veins."
Dee laughed.

"What?" Jacey asked.

"I was just picturing your brother’s face if I went up to him and said what I’ve wanted to for years. ‘Jack, I’ve wanted you forever. Take me home and fuck me until neither one of us has the strength to move.’"

"How did you picture his face?" Mischa asked softly.

"Appalled." Dee snorted another laugh.

"Maybe you should look then," Mischa said and nodded over Dee’s shoulder.

Dee’s eyes were huge and her face lost all color before a blush rose from the collar of her shirt, up her neck, to spread over her face.

"So my place or yours?" Jack asked as he took the fourth chair at the table and grinned at Dee.

I'm totally in love with this newest series. I hope you guys are too!!!

Time to get back to the current work in progress....Did I mention that it is Bare Love8, which just happens to have Griff for a hero? Well, that's what I'm currently working on!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Somehow I missed this one. I'm adding it to my TBR pile immediately. Congrats on the pending release.