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Tempting Tuesday: Earth Moves

Today's tempting tease is a look at the first Island Guardians book, Earth Moves.

Hope this wets your appetite!

Earth Moves by Lacey Thorn
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn

Erika had been mortified when Galen had set her down naked on the steps of her own home right in front of her fathers and some of the other warriors from their village. At the intense look of lust in the other warriors’ eyes Arik and Galen had hid her behind their big bodies and given her back her clothes with orders to “Cover yourself”. She fumed as she dressed listening to the words spoken between her fathers and the Savari brothers.

“You have breached her?”

“Not yet.” Galen admitted. “But we have given her a woman’s pleasure.”

“Yes, your face still glistens with her joy.” Her fathers laughed with the other warriors and Galen and Arik couldn’t stop from grinning. “Why did you not finish?”

“We were interrupted.” Arik explained.

“Did you spot other warriors? Is there danger near?”

At this Erika had shoved her way through Arik and Galen and headed toward the door to her home. Galen stopped her with a firm grasp on her wrist.

“Not yet, little one, we have not finished.” Galen whispered as he pulled her back to his side. “There were no other warriors that we saw,” he said in answer to her fathers’ questions.

“It was the very earth itself. It trembled so violently that it seemed that it would open up and swallow us all. We worried for her safety and for that of the villagers. Did you not feel it here?”

“No, we felt nothing unusual.” Her father answered at the same time that they heard a gasp from the doorway behind them.

Erika’s mother stood there. Erin quickly stepped through and went to her daughter’s side. “I have been looking for you. I have need of your assistance.” The look she sent Erika emphasized the importance of not arguing with her mother.

Erika tried to step toward her mother tugging at the wrist held by Galen, but he would not release her. “I must go now. My mother has need of me. Please release me.”

“I have an even greater need for you as we have not finished what we began. So you will wait, little one.”

“I am finished.”

“You will finish many more times before we are through.” Galen stated boldly bringing chuckles from her fathers and the other warriors still present.

Erika blushed crimson in embarrassment as well as anger. “I do not wish this. I will not join with you and Arik. I…am…finished!”

Galen’s eyes took on a sheen of steel and his grip tightened on her wrist. “Did you not flower in our arms? Did we not give you pleasure?”

Erika just looked at him refusing to speak.

“Answer him daughter!” Her father ordered. “Did the Savari bring you to pleasure?”

Erika wanted to lie so badly. She knew that her admission would allow them to claim her. So she kept her mouth shut and said nothing. Arik bent close to her ear and murmured just loud enough for those closest to her to hear, “If you do not answer your fathers’ question then you will leave us with no choice but to strip you and bring you to pleasure again. Here, in front of all of these witnesses. Is that what you want us to do, baby?”

Erika’s eyes flew to Arik’s and then to Galen’s and she knew that they would do just what Arik had said. She looked to her fathers for help knowing that they had heard every word Arik spoke as well. There would be no help from them either. When she still didn’t respond her fathers nodded wearily to the Savari brothers.

Before she could register the significance of that nod Galen had her against his chest again. He bent to her head and took her mouth in a demanding kiss, thrusting his tongue in and out. She felt Arik against her back again and then his hands were on her breasts. He plucked her nipples and placed kisses along the back of her neck and shoulder. She couldn’t hold back the moan of pleasure. Pulling away from Galen’s mouth she shuddered, gulping air. Just when she thought that she could breathe again Galen latched on to one of her nipples and sucked it hard into his mouth. He was angry and in his anger he was rougher than he was before. At the first nip of his teeth, Erika cried out. At the second, she bucked against him.

She felt Arik’s hands on the ties to her shirt and looked back at him with eyes filled with tears. “Please,” she whispered. “Please, not like this. Not here.”

Galen must have heard her as well for he released her nipple with an audible pop. He turned her face to his. “Do you consent to our suit? Do you admit that we give you pleasure?”

“Yes,” Erika whispered.

“Louder, little one. You must speak so that all may hear.”

“Yes!” Erika yelled when Arik pinched her nipple that was still sore from Galen’s teeth. “Yes, you gave me pleasure.”

Silence fell around them. Erika closed her eyes in shame and acceptance.

“Daughter, you understand what this means?”

“Yes,” she whispered again to her fathers. “I understand.”

“Our daughter has consented to a union between her and the Savari warriors, Galen and Arik.” Her father boomed the words out so that all could hear and know. “She will be formally joined with them in two days. The ceremony will take place the eve before her twenty-first year.” Nodding to Galen and Arik, he continued as the brothers removed the cord from her hair and unwound her braid. “As of today, our daughter, Erika, is claimed. None other may touch her or try to pledge suit. As of today she belongs to the Savari warriors.”

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