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Tempting Tuesday: Enforced Love

Today I'm sharing a tempting look at Enforced Love, my first sci-fi type erotic romance. It is also my only first person. I loved writing this one and have a follow up started and in my 'wip' file. I'm hoping to brush it off and get back to it soon!
Hope you enjoy!
Enforced Love

Lacey Thorn


Emma has just been promoted, a huge deal for the only female enforcer.  She celebrates her last night before her six week assignment by going out for a night of dancing and fun with her two best friends. Then she meets two men and decides to end her night with them.

Heath and Dracon are fantasy come to life.  They have incredible bodies and know how to use them to bring her to extreme pleasure…over and over again.  None of them want the night to end.  So imagine their surprise when they find out that they are to be partnered, a new triad squad that could be the future of enforcer squad. Is it possible to mix business with pleasure?  Emma can’t wait to find out.

Excerpt: Copyright @ Lacey Thorn, September 2010
I am neither good nor bad. I just am. When the law is broken I am the one who executes punishment. I am not the only one of my kind. But I am the only woman in my field. I work alone, by choice, and I see no reason to change that.

Which is why at the moment my temper is flaring and I’m ready to kill. Someone is trying to change that. My boss. My dad.

"I work alone," I stated through clenched teeth for the millionth time.

"Not on this one," my father and top agent Dassan Certze stated, his voice hard and firm.

"I always work alone," I reminded him.

This time he sighed and for the first time I noticed how old he was getting. He was still strong, still solid, but I could see the way his once black hair was now starting to turn white. I noticed the wrinkles and fatigue. It was a hard job we had as Enforcers and the life took its toll on the best of us. My dad was now showing it.

"Emma, don’t fight me on this or I’m going to bench you altogether," Dad said.

"What!" I exploded. "You can’t bench me. I’ve done nothing to merit that."

"Ignoring a direct order. Showing disrespect to a superior officer. Refusing to follow protocol." He looked over at me and one eyebrow winged up over his eye. "I can continue if you need me to."

Now it was my turn to sigh. So I wasn’t exactly the perfect soldier. That was almost entirely his fault. I was his daughter after all. I stood to attention, feet together, shoulders back, head forward and arms straight at my sides. "I apologize, sir. It will not happen again."
"At ease, Emma," he said and finally walked to sit behind his desk. "I’ve covered for you when I could. I blame myself for your behavior. I’ve let you get away with far too much since your mother died."

I dropped form and hurried to him. "Daddy, what is it? What is wrong?"

"You’ve gained the attention of the Liege Commander," he said. "You are being reassigned. To the fifth quadrant." He added the last with just a catch in his speech.

The fifth quadrant. Holy shit. That was the hotbed of criminal activity. Enforcers longed to be thought good enough, tough enough to be sent there. Yet at the same time they prayed it wouldn’t happen. Mortality rate there for Enforcers was high. Once you went to the fifth quadrant you usually only came back in a body bag. If there was a body to be found.

"The Liege Commander thinks I am fit for the fifth quadrant?" I asked and I couldn’t help the awe that filled my voice. This was what I had longed for. If I could prove myself there, among the best of the best then I could open the way for even more frontline female Enforcers. I could show that we were more than just brains. We could be brawn as well.

"Yes, Emma," Dad whispered. "I can’t stop the order. You will be leaving on the morning shuttle. You have free time until then. Time to say goodbye to your friends and family. You are to report to the shuttle at 0600." He came to me then and wrapped his arms around me. He held me close and I was sure that I could feel him shaking. I felt my tears well up as I realized how hard this was on him. "I will miss you, my daughter. May the gods watch over you and bring you home safe at the end of your six-week service."

Six weeks on quadrant five. I could do it. I would do it and survive. "I will be careful, Dad," I promised. "Do you know who is going with me?"

"No," he told me squeezing me tighter. "I know that two other agents from another unit are being sent with you. But I have no information on them."

That wasn’t unusual here. Protocol allowed for only the direct lieutenant of each unit to have information on their people but not on any other lieutenants. Only the Liege Commander had information on every squad. So I was being sent with two others. I was scared and yet so excited that I could barely control myself.

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