Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: Stimulate Me!

All of us have those things we turn to when we need a little nudge to get the creative juices flowing. I'm an action movie junkie! The more action the wetter I get. LOL I know TMI! But I was speaking creatively....

I love Spartacus and can't wait for its return the end of January. I'm so addicted. The action! The sex, blood and gore! It gets me primed and ready! To write. Hot, sexy bodies fresh from battle. Hard and honed into weapons. I just want to dive in and taste. My senses come alive and I'm there, in the moment, experiencing it with them.

I also keep several movies on hand. 300 is a definite go to. I love the Batman movies with Christian Bale. His voice is so sexy. I keep all of the Lord of The Rings movies on hand. I'm a sucker for Viggo Mortensen! Plus several others.

Or I read. Sometimes all it takes is sinking into a great book to rejuvenate me. Authors who rock and amaze me. My favorites are Jory Strong, Sherri L King, Susan Andersen, Brynn Paulin, Bronwyn Green, Lori Foster and Cheyenne McCray. There are so many others but my mind is refusing to pull them up! I'll think of them as soon as I press the post button, lol.

And I game. I'm a quest junkie on World Of Warcraft. I love the game. It is a great way to just jump in and play while my brain disengages and rolls through ideas. I've actually created several book ideas while playing. My Demon Chronicles series was based on game time on my warlock. The characters in the books: Serephin, Carami and Shandraz, are actually names of in game toons. Carami and Shandraz are my two best friends warlocks. Serephin is actually the name of my hunter. My warlock is Sasse.

I also created my Blood Magic series through play time. If you are a WoW gamer, you'll notice. The first four books are: Warrior's Dawn, Shifter's Delight, Rogue's Rage and Mage Magic. What can I say! WoW inspires me!

So what do you turn to? When you need that nudge to help you along, where do you turn? I'd love to hear what stimulates you! Maybe I'll find another venue.

Happy Reading

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  1. When I'm totally, completely stuck, I can always play a game of Civ Rev so I can kick some butt by conquering the world. :D Who I read for a jump start will vary with what I'm researching or into at the moment, but anything with ancient Rome or Greece is always good! And I could watch Thor or the Avengers movie on an endless loop and be a happy, happy woman.

  2. Yes! I forgot about Thor...or Captain America. I've never played Civ Rev...I so don't need another gaming addiction. WoW gets all my gaming love and has for close to four years now. Yikes!