Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday's Muse: Family

This weekend I spent more time with my family and less time online. I limited my Twitter and Facebook posts, played less World of Warcraft, and took a break from writing. I'm really glad that I did. It feels like I recharged my battery. The kids cracked my up and had me in stitches laughing most of the time. They are so bright and witty and fluent in sarcasm!

As I sit here writing this, I realize that these moments are flying by way to quickly. 2013 is a big year for my kids. My oldest will turn 16 and get a drivers license! My sassy girl will officially be a teenager when she turns 13 next month! And my sweet baby girl will hit 10, making her what we call a "double digit midget". I can't believe how quickly they have grown.

I remember being pregnant with all of them, bringing them home from the hospital and just being in awe of these little miracles that I was holding and snuggling. I remember my son hiding his little sister behind the couch (he pulled her on her blanket to hide her) so that I wouldn't have to spend time with the baby. LOL

I remember walking through the mall Christmas shopping and telling my son to hurry up. My daughter, who was three at the time, put her hands on her hips and yelled at him. "You are slower than my ass is!" I wanted to sink in the floor. Lol. I was found of the expression, "You're slower than molasses." She tried to get it right!

Then my son's favorite movie was Fox and Hound but he couldn't say it right so it always came out as "Fuking Hound"! OMG! He embarrassed me several times in public with that one.

Then there is my baby who is always doing or saying something to keep me on my toes. She likes to be creative with her stories. She has the most amazing imagination! I hope she never loses it.

I sit and ponder all the moments that my children have given me. And I realize that things are changing. I'm very proud of the people they are becoming. They are all polite, courteous and know the importance of good manners. They hold doors open, say please and thank you without prompting, and understand what it means to respect your elders. They awe and amaze me, teaching me things that perhaps I've forgotten or let slide in adulthood.

In this season where gifts have become the desired treasure, I decline. I have far more in my life than a shiny package could ever hold. I have three amazing children and for me, they will always be the greatest gifts in the world!

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