Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday's Muse: The Laptop Blues

My laptop was gone for a week. It seemed like forever. You never realize just how dependent on something you are until it isn't there. I use my laptop for everything. I write on it, game on it, facebook on it, bill pay on it, bank on it, and a ton of other things. Then it was gone. I did manage to move most things to my desktop, but it's just no the same. The set-up is different. The keyboard is different. The screen view is different. A million little things that remind me it isn't my laptop.

Then I went to pick it up and brought it home. I had it for one night. I discovered that when they fixed the one thing wrong they accidentally messed up a few things. Like disconnecting three of my four USB ports and my headphone jack. I only had one port working on my computer. NOT good. So it was back to the store, back to the Geek Squad, and shipped right back out to the place that had it last time. And now I wait...and wait...and wait.

So I think this will be a mini vacation for me. I can't seem to write on the desktop. So until my laptop is back, I'll do other things. Then when I get it back, I'll be refreshed and ready to write, write, write. That's my plan anyways. Plus it gives me time to re-read the first four books in the series I am getting ready to finish. So this week, I am diving into my Debtor's Daughters series so that I am ready to finish it with Destiny's story as soon as my laptop is back in my hands!

Until next time....

Happy Reading!

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  1. Darn, Lacey. :( Sorry to hear about your laptop woes. I write on a desktop, but I would be LOST without it. A writing environment is so very personal. On the plus side... it's holiday season! You can bake cookies and hang with friends, and do fun stuff until your laptop returns. :D

  2. Yep, and I am very much a creature of habit. I need the layout of my laptop, lol. The desktop just isn't the same.