Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tempting Tuesday: Having Prudence

Since I'm working on the final Debtor's Daughters book right now, I thought this Tuesday would be a good time to take a look a the last book in the series.
The stories in order are:
Faithful Beginnings
Gaining Hope
Claiming Charity
Having Prudence

Book four in the Debtor's Daughters Series.

Prudence was going to run. Her older sisters had and they were now free to live life how they wanted. Prudence wanted the same. The only difference was that she wanted her best friend and lover to run with her.

Johnny never ran and he wasn't planning on doing it now. He wanted Prudence but on their terms not those of her father and the town they lived in. It was time to show Prudence that the boy she loved was a man she could spend the rest of her life with.

Excerpt From Having Prudence
Copyright @ Lacey Thorn

Prudence sat in the barn and waited for what seemed like forever. Finally she heard the creak of the door and the sound of his boots on the ladder up to the loft where she was. He had come. He’d decided to run away with her. But they would have to hurry. Her birthday was approaching and she would be expected to marry the man that her sisters had managed to escape. It bothered her that she was leaving that fate to her younger sister, Destiny. But then her sisters had done the same to her. She had to believe that Destiny would manage to escape the same fate as well.

His broad shoulders filled her vision as he topped the ladder. His smile was the same as every other day and still made her heart beat a little faster. She’d known him since they were kids. Loved him since they were in junior high. And somehow this wonderful man loved her as well. They’d grown together and managed to hide their relationship from everyone around them. He’d been her first lover, her only lover and she knew that no one would ever make her feel as he did with just a tilt of his lips.

“Johnny,” she sighed as he finally cleared the ladder and moved towards where she lay on the blanket waiting for him.

He was already undoing the buttons on his shirt and shrugging out of it by the time he knelt beside her. He was big, topping out at six feet three inches with broad shoulders and hard muscles from all the work he did on his family’s ranch. And he was hers, all hers. He loved her and it was that love that would set her free from the fate her father had stuck his daughters with.

She reached for him as he knelt over her, his legs straddling hers. She loved the feel of his warm skin, relished the way it felt against hers. Dark hair sprinkled across his chest before dropping into a straight line down his stomach to his cock. He’d offered to shave it for her once but she had refused. She’d told him that she loved the way it felt raking across her nipples and he’d never offered again.

“Pru,” he breathed her name as she sat up tugging her shirt over her head. His strong hands covered hers, helping her pull it out of the way. Her hands went to his shoulders while his fell to her back and the closure of the bra she wore. The hooks slipped free easily under his touch and then he was sliding the straps down her arms. She lifted her arms away from him and he pulled the material off, though his eyes stayed on her breasts and the tight buds of her nipples. Johnny had always been entranced with her breasts. He would spend hours playing and sucking on them if she would let him. He’d made her come many times with no more than his mouth on her nipple and his finger buried in her pussy.

He groaned and his head bent. She knew what was coming and arched into him pressing her breasts up towards his mouth. He latched on to one pointed nipple and sucked greedily at it, using his teeth and tongue in equal play on the engorged bud. His fingers found the other nipple and pinched and tugged at it as she undulated against him.     Hope that entices you!   Happy Reading.   Lacey Thorn It's your world...unlaced... www.lacythorn.com   Twitter: @laceythorn1 Facebook: Author Lacey Thorn

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