Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Muse: Wellness

I've thought a lot about this lately. Possibly because my birthday is coming up. Possibly because I've lost more family members recently. Mostly, because I look at my three children and know that I want to be around to drive them crazy for a long, long time. :-)

So this year, I've taken up a wellness challenge. Not just to exercise more and lose weight and those normal ones that half the world makes and most don't follow through on. But a total wellness uplift. Mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. I have goals set for every aspect of my life and I keep a daily journal to track my thoughts and feelings on things.

A key point is that I'm including my kids in all of this. After all, they learn from watching me! So if I make better choices on what to cook for dinner, what to provide for snack, and making exercise a fun family activity, then they are more likely to continue with this. Which will lead to healthier future generations!

I try not to hide it if I am upset or sad or whatever I am feeling. Protecting them is one thing, but allowing them to see that it is okay to feel is important. Am I a depressed person? NO. Do I have occasional moments where I confront self-doubt and feelings of failure that might make me momentarily depressed? Yes! And it's important to show them that it's okay to feel that way. Just don't dwell on it. Deal with it, and move forward.

I have other changes in mind. Goals that I've set for myself on where I'd like to be as of the end of 2013. Some I will definitely reach. I have no doubts. Others will be a little harder to attain, especially as they require the cooperation of others. But that doesn't mean I won't try my hardest and give it my all. There will be some things that I don't see brought to fruition. And that's okay. Hopefully, I'll learn from them and incorporate them again next year.

Most importantly, I want to soak up the family time this year. My kids are getting older and soon they'll enter that phase where hanging with Mom isn't so cool. My oldest already spends more time with friends than me, lol. And now I have two teenagers! But my son still hugs me and tells me he loves me, at school, in front of his peers. That says a lot.

So I embrace this year with a smile and a hand motion saying, Let's go! Let's see what lies at the end of this 365 day journey. I'm sure before it's all done, I'll laugh, cry, smile, frown, be angry, feel stressed, celebrate, pout and run the full gambit of every emotion known...Twice! LOL But isn't that what life is? The good, the bad, the every day. I'm thankful for them all.

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