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Tempting Tuesday: Merciful Angel

Since I've jumped to finish the fourth Marquetti Amore book, I thought it only fair to offer you a glimpse of the one that started it all. I really love this family. And Angelo...well...he just makes me go a gooey inside!

Merciful Angel

Lacey Thorn


Angelo Marquetti…Angel to his friends.  He was just coming off of a long undercover assignment and wanted nothing more than a hot shower, a cold beer and a comfortable bed.  But one scream of terror changed all of that and Angel ended up with so much more.

Cara Michaels was on top of a table dressed in nothing but a damp towel when he kicked in the door and came to her rescue.  He was every erotic fantasy that she could think of, all rolled into one.  And Cara was more than ready to indulge her inner vixen.  Cara was ready for anything and her merciful Angel was willing to give her a glimpse at just how erotic it could be.


Excerpt From Merciful Angel by Lacey Thorn



Angelo Marquetti was bone tired.  He had spent the last thirty hours on a stake out that ended with the arrest of several well-known city officials for drug trafficking charges.  The case had been in the works for ten long months with Angel working undercover for the last six.  Now it was finally over and it wasn’t too soon for him.  Tonight all he wanted was a hot shower, a cold beer and a soft bed, all three of which were awaiting him just down the hall in his apartment.  He had been tempted to join his partner and a few of the other cops for a few beers at one of the local bars frequented by his peers and filled with women who were always willing to serve them in any and every way they desired.  Tomorrow he probably would since he hadn’t had sex in longer than he cared to think about due to the time he had spent undercover. 

He was three feet from his door when the first scream ripped through the air and he could hear running feet inside the apartment across from his.  Angel reached beneath his leather jacket and pulled his 9mm Smith & Wesson from the shoulder holster he wore.  By the time the second scream came followed by scuffling noises he was ready.  With one solid kick of his size thirteen boots the apartment door splintered and flew open.  Angel filled the doorway with his six-foot-four frame gun steady in his hand as his steel grey eyes took in the shocking sight before him.

A goddess stood on the dining room table wrapped in nothing but a damp blue towel that she clutched together over the most impressive breasts Angel had ever seen.  She had to be at least a d-cup.  He could see the softness of her thighs and the shadow of her cleft as the towel shimmied with every movement she made.  Her long blonde hair hung down her back in waves reaching to the lush ass barely hidden from him.  The thought of all that silky hair draping over him, his chest, his stomach, his cock as she sucked him with those plump lips of hers had him swelling hot and hard in his snug jeans.

So...feel tempted?

Happy Reading!

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