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Wednesday Release: Cuffed For Pleasure

I have another new release this month!!! I'm super excited!!! This one marks a new series with Resplendence Publishing. Isn't that cover fabulous!!!! I love it.

Pleasures Series, Book One
The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed.
Mandy was hoping for a new start far away from the rumors circulated by her ex-boyfriend. She would be smart this time. Reserved. She would curb her wild side and be the professional she should be. But one look at Mitch and Tanner and those goals fly out the window. And that’s before she even knows about Dylan.
From the first glimpse, Tanner is smitten. It’s easy to see Mitch shares the feeling. And neither has any doubt Dylan will feel the same. There’s just something about Mandy. Now if they can only persuade her to give them a chance.
One woman with three men satisfying all her needs. Let the pleasure begin.
“I see where you’re looking.” Lorraine shook her head as she walked up beside Mandy. “Look away. Trust me when I say that particular detective is more than you want to handle.”
Mandy let her eyes roam over the detective standing a few feet away at the desk of the emergency room. He was downright edible. He’d been in the emergency room several times already her first two weeks of work, and she couldn’t help staring. “I would love to handle every inch of him.”
His sandy blond hair looked thick enough for her to pull and tug on while he rocked her world. And his body. Good grief. Men shouldn’t be that sexy. It was dangerous to a woman’s mind. Oh, the places her thoughts were going.
Lorraine laughed, breaking Mandy away from those wicked places. “That’s only because you’re too new to know the rumors about him.”
Mandy sighed. She hated rumors. It was one of the reasons she’d uprooted her entire life and started fresh somewhere else. People destroyed lives with rumors.
“I can’t imagine anything making me not want to sink my teeth into him.” He was a cop after all. So, it was very unlikely he’d committed some horrible crime that would be unforgivable.
“What if I told you that if you took him to your bed, it wouldn’t just be the two of you?”
Mandy lifted her eyebrows. “He needs two women at a time?” She let her eyes sweep his body again. He was a whole lot of man. He had to be close to six-foot-two with shoulders that made her think of football players. But, she wasn’t into sharing her current bedmate with another woman. Not by choice anyways.
“Nope. Even worse.” Lorraine shook her head with disgust, and Mandy stared at the older woman. She wasn’t big on judgmental people. “It’s rumored he and his best friend like to share their women.”
“He’s gay?” Why were the gorgeous ones always taken or gay? Life just wasn’t fair sometimes.
“No. I don’t think they do things with each other. They just get off on taking the same woman. You know, at the same time. It’s just weird.”
“I guess it would depend on what the best friend looked like. Is he as gorgeous as Mr. Tall, Blond, and Edible in front of us?”
“I’ve heard he’s even better looking.” A deep voice whispered close to her ear, and Mandy jumped a little before turning to stare at the man it belonged to. He wasn’t lying either. She tried to casually let her gaze brush over him, but the smile on his lips let her know he was aware she was checking him out. But who wouldn’t? “And a hell of a lot better tasting.”
Lorraine squeaked, turned bright red, and almost ran down the corridor. Mandy couldn’t help it. It was just too funny. She started giggling and had to brace a hand on his arm to keep from falling over. He was rock solid. She wondered if he was that muscular all over. And damn if she didn’t want to find out.
“Oh my God. Did you see her face? I guess that will teach her to gossip and spread rumors.”
He grinned at her. “Not a fan of rumors, huh?”
“Not at all.”
“I’m Tanner, by the way.” He held his hand out to her. “Detective Tanner Mathers.”
“Mandy Greyson.”
“I haven’t seen you here before.”
She grinned. “I bet you say that to all the nurses.”
He laughed and shook his head. “No, I know most of them. My partner and I seem to spend far too much time at the emergency room to suit me.”
“The perks of working for the police department?”
“Yeah, great perks, huh?”
She grinned. “It’s not so bad here. This is tame.”
“Spoken only like someone from the city.”
“Nice detective work.” She laughed when he grinned, revealing perfectly even, white teeth. His blue eyes twinkled at her. His hair was a shade of brown darker than hers and looked lush where it fell to his shoulders. She judged there was maybe six inches between their heights, making him around six-feet even.
“Ready to go?” A masculine enquiry came from directly behind her.
Mandy shifted so she stood between the two men, easily able to see both of them. Lorraine’s rumor filled her head, and she could see herself wedged between them while they pleasured her body. She could feel her pussy moisten and her nipples harden. She bet her co-worker would be appalled at how the thought turned Mandy on.
“Mandy, this is my partner, Detective Mitch Sanders. Mitch, this is Mandy Greyson. I caught her plotting to sink her teeth into you.”
Mandy jerked her gaze to Tanner and saw the humor dancing in his eyes. She could feel heat coloring her face as she blushed. She glanced back at Detective Sanders and was startled to see heat in his eyes. They practically smoldered. She felt her nipples harden further and wasn’t surprised to see his gaze drop to where they poked at her scrub top.
“Nice to meet you, Mandy.” He held his hand out toward her, and she caught herself before she leaned in to him.
Holy crap. It had obviously been too long since she’d had sex. She had it bad. “Nice to meet you, Detective.”
“Mitch, please.”
“Mitch.” His eyes seemed to trap her gaze. She’d turned toward him, and she could feel the heat of Tanner behind her. Damn Lorraine for filling her head with visions of the three of them in a sexual tangle. She could far too easily imagine Mitch buried deep inside her while Tanner explored her from behind. More moisture coated her pussy, and she bit her lower lip to keep from moaning out loud. Her imagination had always been way too good.
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