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Wednesday Release: Marital Bliss

Today marks the release of my newest book, Marital Bliss, which is the third book in my Girls Night Out series! I'm super excited about it! Here's a little about it:

Marital Bliss
Lacey Thorn

Book 3 in the Girls Night Out series.

Mischa and Clint are celebrating their first wedding anniversary by renting a secluded cabin for a week of relaxation and fun. Mischa packs a bag full of hot new toys and goodies, planning to act out a few of those naughty sex fantasies she and her husband always talk about.

Clint brings some toys of his own to surprise his wife—and surprise her he does, especially with one particular device. By the time the week is over, they may never want to leave.

Who better to get wild and explore the forbidden with than the person you promised to love forever? Ahhh…marital bliss!

Line: Moderne
ISBN: 9781419943874
MSRP/List Price: $5.60
Our Cover Price: $4.45


An Excerpt From: MARITAL BLISS

Copyright © LACEY THORN, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Mischa stretched in the passenger seat, arching her back and loving the way Clint automatically dropped his glance to her chest for a few seconds. She would never grow tired of her husband looking at her with such fire and passion in his eyes. He always wanted her, which was a great thing since she always wanted him too.

“Almost there?” Clint asked. He was great about the fact that she’d booked everything as a surprise. One of the many things she loved about him. He just rolled with it.

“It’s supposed to be about twenty-five miles from the last turnoff we made,” Mischa said, looking down at the directions she had printed. The agent she’d spoken with had warned her to print off directions as most people lost their cell reception out this far. There was a phone at the cabin if they needed it.

Some people would have been turned off at the idea of no technology for a week. But she and Clint loved it. They both had demanding jobs, so the idea that they were truly away for a week—as in work couldn’t reach them at all—was bliss. What better place to celebrate a year of being married to your best friend?

“This is the turn,” Mischa said and Clint only laughed when he had to stop and back up to make it. He knew how she was at giving directions and still made her navigator every time. “The cabin is at the end of this drive.”

“Finally,” Clint sighed and shifted his legs, drawing her attention to his lap.

It had been a long time since they’d done anything more than kiss in a car. She remembered when they were dating and had done so much more. With a wicked grin she undid her seatbelt and leaned over to nip his ear with her teeth while she released his. One hand slid down to rub and squeeze his cock through his shorts.

“Damn, honey,” Clint moaned. “We’re almost there.”

“Why wait?” She whispered the words against his ear as she used her hands to unbutton and lower his zipper. Reaching in, she took his hardening cock in her hands and began stroking it. “I remember when you would have given anything to have me suck you off in the car.”

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned, shifting his legs to let her manipulate until his cock and balls were out.

Mischa gave a husky laugh and maneuvered in the seat so that she was reclined across him with her head in his lap and his rock-hard shaft right where she wanted it. She used her hand to shift him a little closer and ran her tongue over and around the wide head.

Clint moaned and she felt him stop the car, grinning when he put it in park. They were already on the road to the cabin. Technically anyone could drive by and see them. Perhaps an agent checking to make sure they made it okay. But she doubted it. Still, the thought of someone catching them made her extremely hot.

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Hope I've tempted you into giving this book and series a read!

Happy Reading!

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