Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekly Read: Tempting Rever by Laurann Dohner

So I've recently started the Zorn Warriors series by Laurann Dohner. Tempting Rever is my current read and the third book in the series.
Here's a look!

Book three in the Zorn Warriors series.
Brenda spent four years trapped in an unhappy marriage. She’s so desperate to start a new life somewhere safe that she’s agreed to go to another planet with a handsome alien stranger. When he’s killed, she finds herself in the home of a Zorn warrior willing to protect her until the fallen warrior’s brother arrives to claim her.
Brenda never believed in love at first sight until she gazed into the gorgeous blue eyes of Argis Rever. He’s tall, dark, sexy…the kind of guy she’s always dreamed of finding—and already bound to another human woman. She could have lived with letting the man of her dreams slip through her fingers, except he isn’t happy—the horrid woman doesn’t even want him, and will never love him.
Brenda has lost a lot in her life but she’s not willing to lose the one chance at finding happiness with a man she’s falling in love with. She’s more than ready to start tempting Rever into finding his own happiness…with her.

 Tempting Rever: 3 (Zorn Warriors)
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I'd be happy to have a Zorn Warrior! How about you?

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