Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Muse: Focus on Foreplay

Foreplay....Just the mention of the word can bring up several delicious thoughts. For me foreplay has always begun with eye contact. Face it. Most of us can tell with one look if we're interested in another person or not. And that one look will usually tell us if they're reciprocating. Gazes locking across the room. Eyes caressing you and sending that sexual shiver down your spine. Will they? Won't they? It's the beginning of something.

If you're lucky, those heated looks don't go away. Your lover should still be able to caress you across a crowded room with just one look, one touch of his or her eyes. It's no longer a question of will they or won't they. But one of when will we? Can we sneak away?

So when was the last time you shared a heated look?

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