Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Read: L.O.S.T.

I recently started reading a re-release of a YA series, L.O.S.T. by S.R. Vaught and R.S. Collins.
Here's a look at it:
L.O.S.T. (L.O.S.T. Trilogy)

It's way too easy to get lost...

Brenden’s on his way to the beach when he makes a pit stop in a tiny desert town called Live Oak Springs Township. It’s a weird place, no question. Maybe even frightening. It doesn’t take long for Bren to realize that something in L.O.S.T. isn’t right—and it might be that witchy girl in the general store.

Jasmina Corey has a secret, and a very big problem. Bren may be the solution. Her magic tells her that Bren has a warrior’s heart, that he might be the one to help her defeat a creature so evil it threatens to destroy the witching world and all of humanity, too. Too bad he hates her on sight. Too bad she might have to kill him.

PLEASE NOTE: The L.O.S.T. trilogy was previously published under the pseudonyms Debbie Federici and Susan Vaught.
It says that it is good for grades 8 and up.
What are you reading?
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