Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Muse: Life in Fast Forward

I love my life. The good, the bad, the downright ugly. I'm grateful for every day. I'm not one that would like to go back and do things over. It's in the past. I do my best to leave it there and move forward, always forward.

Recently, I took on a full time job again. It was time both financially and socially. I have a tendency to spend the majority of my time at home when I write full time. And I wonder if I am headed down the path toward becoming more reclusive as I age. So...I had a wonderful offer fall into my lap, and I scooped it up with both hands and said, "yes, please!"

So now my busy schedule is even busier. I have to say that I love being busy. Of course, this means that I've started to neglect my blog once more. Sigh...I'm so horrible with blogging. But, I'm got some new releases coming out. Plus I've been reading like a mad woman. I want to share all this with you guys! So, I'd better find a way to start juggling all my balls better. (LOL)

This means that I may post my blog in the evening instead of the morning. But...I will start posting more! After all...the next BARE LOVE book releases this month....and did I's GRIFF'S story?

Happy Reading!

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