Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Muse: The never-ending TBR list

I'm sure there are many people out there just like me when it comes to my reading list. No matter how much I read, it always seems to grow longer! I just can't help myself. I see a book that grabs my interest and I have to have it. It is a huge addiction. I shudder to think of how much I spend every year on books. I don't think I ever want to sit down and figure that amount up!

I have two book shelves at how of paperbacks and hardbacks that I have yet to crack open. Some are by authors I know and others are stories that caught my attention. I want to read them. I plan to read them. But 999 other books have distracted me in the meantime. And those don't include the numerous waiting on my Kindle app or Nook app on my iPhone! I won't share how many are waiting on there....but I will read them! After I add a bunch more probably, lol!

So I'm going to work hard on working through my TBR list this summer! I'll post the books I've read. I won't review them, just share that I've read them. If you've read them or have them in your TBR pile, we can chat! I always love talking books!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. I share your pain! I have so many books TBR on my Kindle I will need a vacation just to read. If only I wasn't, like, actually writing books for other people's TBR lists! But I do read, a ton. It's just...there are so many books that tempt me!